A Family Holiday in Rajasthan

While you can’t always have a long week of fun, frolic and adventure every time you want to go on vacation, the weekend is your best friend if you want to escape.  Your kids also deserve some time off school, […]

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Best Rajasthan Destinations for kids holidays – Top 4!

Kids Holidays Camels

All of Rajasthan is open to you if you’re travelling with adventure on your mind. But for kids holidays, you have to find something meaningful, charming, and sweet for their formative memories. It could be a sunset over the desert […]

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10 Lesser Known Vacation Spots in South India

If you’re tired of the classic Himachal-Goa-Rajasthan circuit that are classic holiday favourites, it’s time to venture to the South. South India has many unknown charms and cultural riches which are a boon to anyone looking for new experiences. The Temple Town […]

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Religious Tourism in Western India

India’s religious diversity is best experienced through religious tourism, which takes you through what may seem like countless temples, churches, tombs, and mosques. Even an encyclopedia may not be able to sum up this sheer variety of religious diversity, here […]

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Rajasthan Travel beyond the guidebook: 5 great Places for the wanderer

bullet baba temple

While travel journals provide “successful” travel ideas for Rajathan, well mapped terrains known for their colour, vitality and heritage, there is another Rajasthan, full of destinations off the radar. For those looking to walk off the beaten trail, or experience […]

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