Dholpur-Karauli: Rajasthan’s 5th Tiger Reserve & India’s 54th

Ranakpur, Rajasthan– [28/08/2023] – In a monumental stride for wildlife conservation, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has given the green light to establish Dholpur-Karauli as Rajasthan’s newest tiger reserve. This significant development elevates India’s count of tiger reserves to […]

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Indulgent Escapes: The Top 5 Pool Villas in Udaipur

pool villa

Nestled in Rajasthan’s golden sands, Udaipur shines like a crown. With serene lakes, fancy palaces, and a rich culture, it’s like a romantic story come to life. And in this charming city, you can experience luxury like never before – […]

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Mana Ranakpur Commissions 147 kW Solar energy plant

Mana Hotels Ranakpur

Mana Hotels proudly announces the successful commissioning of its second state-of-the-art solar plant, having a total solar energy capacity of 147 kW. Our first solar plant was a great success with a total capacity of 92kW. This current milestone not […]

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Unveiling the Charm of Ranakpur: A Spectacular Train Journey from Different Cities

Ranakpur Train Journey

Introduction Ranakpur, a hidden gem nestled in the Aravalli Range of Rajasthan, is a mesmerizing destination renowned for its architectural marvels and quiet surroundings. For avid travelers seeking a unique and unforgettable experience, exploring Ranakpur by train offers a perfect […]

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Jaisamand Sanctuary Introduces Thrilling Jeep Safaris for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Wildlife experience Ranakpur

About Jaisamand Sanctuary Mana Hotels is excited to announce the long-awaited launch of jeep safaris at Jaisamand Sanctuary. Located just 55 km from Udaipur, this enchanting sanctuary is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including 19 leopards, 8 hyenas, […]

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Kumbhalgarh Fort Sound Light Show Returns After a 3-Year Wait

Top 5 forts near Ranakpur

Ranakpur, Rajasthan – 26th May, 2023 – Mana Hotels is excited to announce the highly anticipated re-opening of the Kumbhalgarh Fort Sound Light Show, starting from the 25th of May. After a gap of three years, visitors can once again […]

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Road Trip to Ranakpur & Kumbhalgarh: Exploring Rajasthan’s Cultural Treasures

road trip

Introduction Embarking on a road trip to Ranakpur can be an exhilarating adventure, especially when you’re headed towards captivating experiences such as the Ranakpur Jain Temple and the Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan, India. This scenic journey promises stunning landscapes, historical […]

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Mana Hotels wins Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2023

Mana Hotels Earns Recognition as Travelers’ Favorite in India with Exceptional Reviews! Mana Hotels is proud to announce its recognition as a 2023 Traveller’s Choice award winner. This prestigious accolade honors businesses that consistently provide exceptional experiences, earning outstanding traveler […]

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Everything you need to know about the Ranakpur Jain Temple

Ranakpur jain temple

Temples and other places of worship are great places to visit when one is in need of solitude or peace. Their calming air and comforting environment help in attaining the inner peace we all so desire in this modern world. […]

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