For all those fed up with Bangalore’s traffic and noise, there are places in and around that provide the peace you wish for on weekends. One of them is a temple I will now talk about.

Bhoganandiswara is a temple that is about 1200 years old and built near the foot of the famed Nandi Hills near Bangalore. If you have been living in Bangalore for a while you would realize that Nandi Hills becomes a major picnic spot every weekend, that is where this temple becomes a serious source of peace. It is right next to the airport highway and a 2-hour drive from the city center.

The temple is serene, built of stone over a huge area in the village of Nandi. The drive to the temple is also very pretty, surrounded by fields on either side of the road. The temple complex has an inner sanctum where the statues of the deity are kept. It also has a step-down pond which is a nice place to sit and relax and be one with yourself.

It also serves as a great place to take pictures. The stone and bass relief provides wonderful shots and with patience you can create brilliant frames.I used a telephoto which you will barely need and a regular kit lens 18-55mm which is the most important lens that comes into use in places where u need a wide angle. But in places like this, you can bring out great images even with a point and shoot. Here are a few of the shots:

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