They say, “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.” The biker in you totally knows what they mean! The thrill of a road trip on your beautiful bike to one of these 5 biker’s destinations is one that every bike lover must experience in this lifetime!

1)    Ladakhbiker's destinations

Where are the most breathtaking, challenging and inspiring landscapes? One answer- Ladakh. Which is the best way possible to experience Ladakh? One answer – A motorcycle ride. Ladakh and Motorcycle rides are the best combination one may ask for. This is one place no motorcycle traveller wants to miss and is always on the top of the mind. The serene valleys, dusty roads, and sky blue skies with patches of cloud make it a great riding experience.

2)    Great Indian Desertbike ride thar

With gleaming sand on both sides of the road, the feel of riding a bike like a dream! A ride through the desert seems like there is no end to the road. Relics of Rajasthan’s regal past, camels and oases, and the brightly dressed people are truly a sight to behold!

3)    Goabike ride goa

A motorcycle trip on mind and Goa is not on your list? Well, you really need to read this. Goa is a place where you get a mix of solitude and adventure. And let me remind you that Goa isn’t just about beaches. So, don’t imagine yourself riding alongside the seaside because as soon as you finish with beaches, the narrow roads take you to the hills of Goa.

4)    Darjeelingbike ride darjeeling

There is no better feeling than the feel of riding your bike through the clouds, by the side of the train. Darjeeling is the place which will just about fulfill this dream as you weave your way through the hills. The railway tracks run hand in hand with the roads. The magic of riding a motorcycle over there is better experienced than explained.

5)    Rann Of Kutchbike ride kutch

This salt desert is one beautiful place you need to go on your motorcycle. The simple reason being that you don’t need to press your brake! Kutch should be a must on your list as far as Motorcycling destination is concerned.

6) Hills of Ranakpur-Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Are you ready to guide your bike through the winding turns of the newest forest reserve in Rajasthan? Well, in that case look no further than the region of Ranakpur located just 90 km from Udaipur. This forest area is a biker’s delight with excellent roads, best hotels in Rajasthan and also some wonderful sight seeing.

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