Planning a family vacation is not a cakewalk! But worry not; it’s not that big a deal either.

With some bit of homework, you can go on a family vacation whose fond memories you’ll cherish for a long time.


Begin by holding a brainstorming session. Let each member of your family have their say. Ask them about their idea of a good family vacation. Don’t be one of those parents who drag the kids to places they have no interest in! Try to reach a consensus so that everybody is happy.

Collecting Information:

Once you have decided your destination, it’s time for research. Naturally, the internet will be your most convenient resource. Avail of the services of websites like or to find out more about that place. These sites have the testimonies of the people who have visited that place and thus you get first-hand genuine information. On these sites, you can also find out about top hotels in that area. You can also see the official tourism website of that particular place. Apart from the internet, talk to your friends who have visited the place before as they can give you abundant first-hand information which will be very useful.

Check for the Best Deals:

Once you have gained adequate information about the place you are going to visit, it’s time to look for the best deals. Once again, the Internet is there for your help. Travel portals like MakeMyTrip, Expedia, Yatra, etc. offer some really exciting packages.

The Essentials:

You would now need to decide on some small but important details. For example, how will you travel? Make sure that you take the right kind of clothes with you (find out beforehand about the weather conditions in the place you are going to visit). Also, make sure you have a first-aid kit with you all the time. You should also consider carrying some gadgets (like laptops, iPods, and all) with you but make sure these do not keep you occupied during the entire trip. Do you need to make any special provisions for your kids, especially if they are very young? Don’t forget to work on these minor but important details so that you are not caught unaware once you reach your destination.

A vacation is meant to be a joyful and pleasing experience where you spend some beautiful moments with your wife and kids (and even parents in some cases). Some bit of advanced planning will only make all the more joyful for you.

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