Travelling solo in a country like India is an exciting idea, no matter where you’re going. Whether it’s the glitter and speed of an unexplored urban metropolis or the remote serenity of God’s own country, there are a few factors you need to consider while vacation planning. Here’s some handpicked destinations keeping in mind safety, ease of travel, and great memories.


Mumbai isn’t all hustle-bustle and noise. There’s some of India’s finest restaurants and cafes here, and the it isn’t rare to spot a Bollywood actor in the car next to yours! For the classic Mumbai experience, visit old-fashioned Irani cafes, flea markets, and ride the Mumbai local trains. Mumbai will take you through strikingly different neighborhoods and markets, and it’s amazing if you love home-style seafood or gourmet cuisine. Apart from the local trains, taxis and autos are affordable and easy to find. Mumbai is safe for women, even at night.


On the northern tip of India lies serene and majestic Ladakh. Covered by stunning peaks, crisp cool air, snow throughout the year, Ladakh is a magical getaway that thrills photographers, nature lovers, and those looking for peace in the rocky outcrops. Locals are known to be friendly and generous, and you can easily find local buses, chartered taxis, or rented a motorcycle. Popular hill stations nearby include Manali, Devidhar, Parvati Valley, Rohtang, and Bakhli for rest, relaxation, and a bit of trekking.  The Buddhist influence is dominant here, so you can look forward to generous hospitality and mild-mannered people. The presence of J&K army posts also adds to the safety factor here.


Pune combines the comfort of urban life with the beauty of a tourist getaway. You must try the flying glider, a thrilling activity that’s so safe even a 13-year-old child can do it. Along with gliding, for zipping around the city, you can easily find shared taxis for tourist hotspots. Nearby is the eclectic Pune Osho Ashram, which is worth a visit. For fans of history, Mount Marry Church and Afghan Memorial Church are a must-visit, for their old western architecture. Pune is safe, especially for women, and lodging at a PG or a hostel is easy to find.


Empty cobbled streets dotted with townhouses, quaint seafront cafes and restaurants is what defines Pondicherry. It’s a breeze to rent a cycle and take your time travelling here. Walking, cycle or a rented scooter/bike will get you around fast, and the people are kind, friendly, and helpful. You must visit Auroville, Conceived as a ‘universal town’, to be a peaceful home to people of all nationalities and races. In the summer, the coast beckons, and you can take off for a dive, or snorkel into the marine world of colorful fish and tortoises.


It is the promise of a serene getaway in God’s Own Country that attracts travellers to Kerala. From exploring the grand backwaters on a houseboat, or taking a break on the palm grove beaches, there’s a feeling of abundance and relaxation that permeates everything. Move further inland, and you’ll find tranquil tea and spice plantations, and hills in Thekkady and Munnar dotted with waterfalls and cool breeze. Local trains are the most comfortable means of transportation while auto rickshaws and taxis are great for small distances. Kerala, with its highly educated population, is safe for solo travelers.

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