Photographers from around the world flock to India to explore its beautiful culture and try to capture it through pictures. For people from nations like Russia and the United Kingdom, the amount of colour and fervor seen in India is unparalleled. The dressing styles, cuisine, and even architecture change every few hundred kilometers, making it a photographer’s delight.

Here are some locations that every photographer must travel to for some great pictures. Whether you are shooting on a DLSR or smartphone, you will get some great captures.

1. Rajasthan

Locations for Photography

The first location that every budding or serious photographer explores is Rajasthan. It has options for possibly every kind of photography. You have water bodies with rich biodiversity, a wide variety of birds in its animal sanctuaries, great historical monuments that are famed worldwide for their craftsmanship and more. Further, all of this is incredibly accessible for someone traveling for the first time as the region has based its revenue, to a large extent, from travel. You’ll easily find buses, taxis, and even air transport to major destinations. From the culture of the arid deserts to the rich palaces and resorts, you will be spoiled for choice and will definitely come back for more.

2. Goa 

goa shack

Many limit their perceptions of Goa to simply beach life. However, Goa has a rich colonial past from Portuguese settlements and influences which must be explored. These include the local architecture as well as the churches. The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and the Basilica of Bom Jesus, as well as temples like Shree Shantadurga temple and Sri Mahalakshmi temple, should be on your must-visit list.

Goa’s location in the Western Ghats gives it access to wildlife. You’ll be able to spot the leopards, deer, bison, and more. Many are hesitant to even shoot on the beach due to the massive crowds. However, there are still peaceful destinations that can be explored.

3. Mumbai


Not all tourist locations have to be in the lap of nature. Mumbai offers an interesting urban taste to photographers keen to explore a developed and metropolitan aspect of India. You’ll get great night shots of the city’s traffic, nightclubs and pubs. In the day, the streets are full of hawkers selling everything from cigarettes to trinkets for tourists. And it’s highly possible you’ll spot a Bollywood actor on his way to another shoot in the car next to yours if you’re stuck in a traffic jam.

4. Ladakh


It is said that getting a bad photo in Ladakh is hard because the place is so conducive to photography! Landscapes, even not composed well, look great! The wide expanses of plains, contrasted by mountains in the background look beautiful. Ladakh is also an interesting choice for photographers as the landscape you shoot changes colour quite often. Local native life is also incredibly fascinating to click. Small temples that you will encounter on your journeys are also an interesting idea to photograph.  The summer is when the local ecology really wakes up – you’ll get some interesting nature photos then!

5. Hampi


For photographers who revel in ruins, South India’s Hampi should be an idyllic destination. With rocks, boulders and bits of old monuments strewn about everywhere, Hampi is a charmer. You should, however, keep in mind that Hampi can look spooky and you will find it hard to get fast food there. The ruins and the Hampi Bazaar should whet your camera’s appetite, though.


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