We might not want to admit it, but planning a perfect vacation is hard. We’re tired and rushed from our everyday schedule and also anxious to have the best experiences within a few days. There’s also added pressure to find the best value for money deals so that you can find maximum joy from your hard earned vacation budget. And then you have to fuss about flight tickets and other minor details!

Here are some ingredients that’ll help you cook up that perfect vacation. Get them right and you’ll assuredly have a wonderful time.

1. Cuisine

When on vacation, people are often more excited about trying out different foods and beverages than actual sight-seeing. In fact, this can be considered of sightseeing as food is a visual and taste experience. While one should be adventurous and try out the local delicacies, it is important to focus on hygiene and personal preferences. For example, you should confirm if the food isn’t made of any ingredients that you could be allergic to. If you are allergic to peanuts, even peanut oil can trigger an allergy attack. Also, make sure a meal doesn’t fill you up so much you have to postpone the day’s sightseeing plan. Eat light, and instead carry snacks.

2. Amenities

From the obvious amenities like bathrooms and hospitality offerings like towels and toiletries to other things like TV, WiFi, and music, your amenities will decide the number of things you can enjoy. However, don’t be too sold on fancy offerings that you might not actually get the time to use. Many visiting hotels for short stays might not get the time to use in the in-house spa or pool. It, therefore, makes sense to pick your hotel accordingly. Your focus should be on comfort and high quality service.

3. Sightseeing

Perhaps the most important aspect of a vacation is sightseeing! It helps to have a slightly organized itinerary of things you want to see and do. This gives you the freedom to then explore around on your own if you are bored. You can also refer to travel books to find out lesser known destinations – you don’t know when you’ll chance upon an experience that you’ll savor for a lifetime! Don’t forget to charge your camera, carry extra memory cards and have a backup battery.

4. Planning

One of the biggest mistakes first time travelers make is to visit an incredibly famous destination in the middle of peak season. This only works out if you have know-how about destinations you can visit where you won’t be swarmed by fellow tourists. For example, the mainstream Goa experience is music, dancing, and beach life. During the Christmas-New Year season, those who don’t know their way around can get overwhelmed by the massive rush of people everywhere they visit. It makes sense, therefore, to find out more secluded beaches and shacks, or visit just when the season is taking off.

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