Someone once said that it’s not the destination but the journey that’s the good part! If you think about it in context of road trips, it couldn’t be truer! To experience a place by road is to experience it in depth. Some people however are still hesitant! If you’re one of the hesitant ones, here are some reasons why you need to take that road trip today!


See your Country on your next Road Trip!

We all know that India embodies unity in diversity and it would be an absolute shame if you didn’t experience that diversity at least once in your life. A road trip across any part of the country will give you a chance to experience just that in terms of landscape, food, clothes and traditions! What is the point of visiting the same cities repeatedly when instead; you can hit the road and explore the new!

Experience Freedom!

A true ‘roadtripper’ embraces infinite routes and believes that there are no wrong turns! Taking detours to explore towns and villages that you didn’t know existed before or to have a meal that looked or smelled divine will give you a sense of freedom like never before. Break the routine and plans for once and be free!

Gain a new Perspective!

Every person you meet and experience you have has an impact on your perspective on life and nothing will change your perspective more than a road trip through India! Whether you’re going through the mountains of the north, the deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the coastal areas or jungles in the center, you are sure to venture upon new ideas, new religions and new ways of living every where you go!

See Sunrises and Sunsets!

Sometimes the skies turn into magical shades red, orange, purple and blue. Sometimes the sun rises out behind the mountains; at other times, it sinks into the sea. Sometimes sunlight streams through dense trees at dawn and at other times, it turns water into glittering gold at dusk. A drive though India will allow you to have all these experiences, at your own pace! On top of everything, a road trip is probably the only time when you’ll be able to witness a sunrise and a sunset in different locations in a single day!

Suggested Itinerary for your Road Trip to Rajasthan

For a first time road tripper, the following itinerary is a great way to explore Rajasthan:

Starting from Ahmedabad, drive to Udaipur which is about 5 hours away. Spend 2 nights in Udaipur.

From Udaipur make your way to Kumbhalgarh for a day trip and spend the night at Ranakpur. Spend 2 nights here at Mana Hotels for an offbeat experience.

Drive to Jodhpur for the last halt on this journey before heading back to Ahmedabad the next morning.

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