Excitement, adventure, and thrill – these are the common qualities one is looking for in a vacation. At times, we get so obsessed with these that we simply forget the relaxation part of a trip/vacation. However, for the pursuit of relaxation, you need a tranquil environment, abundance of good food, and calm people. Not surprisingly, it is easier to find excitement and adventure at most destinations, but for vacation activities that promote relaxation, you need to identify India’s leading relaxation hotspots and understand what they offer. Here is an essential list of destinations to consider for your “relaxed vacation”:

1. Goa

Everyone knows Goa as the hub of partying, thrill-seeking and excesses. These hedonistic

qualities define the culture of North Goa, which is thronged by tourists from across the world.

South Goa is the place where you must head if you are looking for solace. This region offers

you miles of pristine sand and sparkling water and freedom from the hustle-bustle of large

resorts. You can also explore the local heritage of temples, churches, mosques, and proceed to

wildlife sanctuaries to see the local flora and fauna.

India’s most sought after destination for relaxation, Kerala offers an unmatched combination

of the scenic and the sensual. There are stunning beaches (including Varkala, Fort Kochi and

Alappuzha ) and which are ideal spots for relaxation. They are also great for water skiing,

kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving and other water sports. However, what Kerala is most known

for are its Ayurvedic spas which give a soothing experience to the body. At the same time, it

Among the most convenient and affordable destinations, Mussoorie offers abundant green

landscapes during summer, and snowy peaks during winter. For many who define relaxation

with long hikes, treks and camping under the stars, Mussoorie is an ideal getaway.

During peak season (the winters), however, Mussouri is flooded with tourists, and the best

locations are crowded. Therefore, if you do plan on going during this time, make a focussed

itinerary instead of trying to cram in as much sight-seeing as possible.

Now known as Puducherry, Pondicherry is among South India’s favorite tourist destinations,

featuring colonial buildings and architecture, places of worship and many elements of French

style city planning. The four beaches of Pondicherry – Promenade Beach, Paradise Beach, The

Auroville Beach and Serenity Beach are among its major attractions. The union territory of

Pondicherry is also home to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, one of the major spiritual centres in the

Situated on the Udaipur –Jodhpur highway, Ranakpur in Rajasthan is a picturesque and

religiously rich valley nestled amidst the great Aravalis. The world-renowned Jain Temple with

over 1444 marble pillars gives a tranquil, meditative atmosphere. There are other temples as

well like the Sun Temple managed by the Udaipur Royal Family Trust and the Rupad Mata ka

Mandir. Ranakpur is also known for its beautiful resort – Mana Hotels which provides a best-in-
class hospitality in a serene atmosphere.

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