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Pack for your Road Trip

No matter where you’re going, a road trip is always exciting. For many travellers, it is the journey more than the destination that makes memories. Here are ten essentials you simply should not forget before you hit the road.

1. A map or a GPS device

It’s pretty hard to find a phone which doesn’t support a GPS today! However, it makes sense to still pack a paper map (or a book of maps and other information) of the route and the areas you plan to visit. For convenience, you can also print out step by step route instructions from Google Maps.

2. Your favorite music

The radio signal begins to fade the further you get from your home city. You can load up an iPod with your favorite songs or burn a few CDs. It helps you pass the time when you’re on the road or spending the night at a motel on the way.

3. Healthy snacks

The good thing about healthy snacks is that they keep you full for a while, as opposed to chips and soft drinks! Fruits, granola bars, nuts, are all great ideas to pack along. You can also pack food for consumption within the day, like egg salad and sandwiches.

4. Toiletries

Check twice to make sure you have got your toiletries loaded. This includes your tissues, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and even your toothpaste and toothbrush. These are essential in case you are stuck at a cheap hotel that doesn’t offer these.

5. Prescription medicine

Have all your prescribed medicines in an easy to access container/zip pouch. Also, keep painkillers and first aid handy because you never know when you’ll need them. For on-journey stomach problems, antacids and other medicines are also advisable.

6. Sunglasses and sunscreen

No matter what the weather, being outdoors for long hours isn’t great for your eyes or skin when exposed to the direct sun. Keep UV proof sunglasses and a water based sunscreen (that you can easily reapply) with you.

7. Comfortable clothes and accessories

These include your favorite T-shirts, track pants, and a blanket in case you want to take a nap while your friend drives.  Comfortable, lightweight shoes are great as your feet don’t get sweaty.

8. A camera

Alternately, you can also carry a high tech camera phone to capture beautiful memories. You should be able to remember small things like a sunset, funny road signs, and the wildlife.

And of course, take ‘selfies’!

9. Power backup

This is handy to recharge your phone, GPS and other devices that you might be carrying. An electricity power inverter, for example, can use your car battery to charge electronic devices.

10. Car paperwork

Your car paperwork and your personal identification (originals and photocopies) should be easy to pull out at a moment’s notice, in case you need them. This saves you the hassle of digging for them in your backpack in case of emergencies.

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