Mana HotelA perfect getaway is not just about the destination, but also a fabulous hotel. Mana Hotels delivers on all fronts as it is an ideal escape for the modern traveler waiting to immerse themselves in rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and world class hospitality. Nestled in the calm valleys of the Aravallis range, Ranakpur is located between the two historic cities of Jodhpur and Udaipur. It is a perfect getaway for the traveler looking to escape the chaos of popular tourist destinations while exploring an unknown region of Rajasthan.

Mana at Ranakpur is spread over 3.5 acres, recreating the splendour of an oasis in a dry land. Luxurious rooms & villas with modern aesthetics, a multi-cuisines kitchen serving two different restaurants and a bar, wide range of indoor & outdoor sports & recreational activities, state of the art conferencing facilities and multiple indoor & outdoor venues for weddings and other social events – Mana at Ranakpur is the most luxurious resort in this part of Rajasthan. In addition we are the only resort in this area to boast of rain water harvesting systems and a sewerage water treatment plant. In other words, we will keep our guests comfortable while minimizing our negative impact on the environment.

The charm and rural beauty of Ranakpur is best experienced in our extremely popular Village Safari. The Hotel has teamed up with the local villagers to bring you a tour of the rustic village life. Hitch a guided tour on a bullock cart through the narrow gullies and visit farms and workshops of local artisans.
A five minute drive from the property is the historic Ranakpur Jain temple. This architectural marvel with its intricately carved and handcrafted 1,444 unique marble pillars is the prime tourist attraction in Ranakpur. Seek blessings of the divine during the evening prayers and stimulate yours senses with a scene of hundreds of lit candles and the sound of two 108 kg bells playing in synchrony.

The birthplace of the great king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap is short drive from Mana Ranakpur. The perimeter wall of Kumbhalgarh fort is second in length only to the Great Wall of China. Enjoy the sound & light show at the fort every evening while learning about the history of the Kings of Mewar.

Another scenic retreat in the area is the Ranakpur Dam. This location was a personal favorite getaway for Maharaja and Maharani of Jodhpur. We recreate the same magic and tranquility by organizing a picnic for our guests. Sip on a perfectly brewed cup of tea and snacks while watching some of the most amazing sunsets with the Aravallis in the background.

Located just 50 km from Mana Ranakpur is Bera – one of the few places in North India where you can spot a leopard. Depart on an early morning drive in one of our pre- arranged safari vehicles and explore this regal animal in a dramatic terrain. Our local hosts and naturalists will accompany you on the trip sharing interesting facts about the area and the animals ensuring you do not miss a sighting of the leopard.

And if you are up for more adventure, visit a local stud farm and indulge in some horse riding. Horses of the Mewar region are known for their agility and strong form and you can ride one of these magnificent creatures in the wide open fields.

Inside the hotel, guests are treated to some more unique experiences. Learn how to prepare finger licking local cuisine with the Master Chefs of Mana Ranakpur. Interact with local villagers who will bring in the traditional flavor and cooking techniques. If you are up for it, we will take you to the local vegetable market where you can hand pick vegetables of your choice as well.

In a first of its kind, Mana hotels has partnered with Camel Charisma to offer a responsible tourism experience to its guests. Camel Charisma is a social enterprise that seeks to develop, promote and market environment friendly products from the camel, with the purpose of saving this unique desert animal from extinction and also promoting local employment for its people. We will take you the workshop of Camel Charisma and show you how these products are being made.

Mana Hotel:

The mission of Mana hotels extends beyond business and hospitality. While our main focus is our guest’s satisfaction, we like to be socially responsible for our actions. In tune with this philosophy, the hotel uses products that are made by NGO’s. Kadam, Sasha & Camel Charisma are three such organizations with which Mana Hotels has partnered for products & services.

In addition, majority of our work staff are local people many of whom rise from tribal communities. Mana Hotels invests in the on the job training of such youth instead of recruiting trained people from other parts of the country. This not only adds a local flavour to the experience of staying at Mana Hotels but also helps us give back to the community.

Rohan Rajgarhia, CEO of Mana Hotel shares, “A lot of decorative items, used in the rooms at Ranakpur, have been made by NGOs. This was a deliberate effort as a part of our corporate social responsibility strategy. By retaining the branding of the NGOs, we are offering a unique marketing platform to these organizations which are providing livelihood to the underprivileged sections of the society.”

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