Mana Hotels sponsors the wildly popular game of Housie or Tambola in Ahmadabad’s social clubs.

Interestingly, the game of Tambola or Housie as it is known in India is considered to have originated from the Italian lottery in the 1500s. The game is slowly yet steadily expanding into a highly profitable business for organizers, sponsors as well as the participants. In Ahmadabad, Gujarat’s largest state, the stakes in a game of housie can be as extravagant as BMWs!

Mana Hotels’ decided to put a foot into that action as it sponsored the prizes for the Runner-ups for the Rajpath Club and Starz Clubs.

Mana Hotels is boutique hotel chain that opened the doors of its Ranakpur property less than a year ago. Mana at Ranakpur is a beautiful resort in the interiors of Rajasthan. 3.5 acres of lush greens in a peaceful Rajasthani town, in the shadows of the Aravalli range and in the vicinity of a serene and sacred Ranakpur Jain Temple, this property is ideal for taking a well deserved break, away from the chaos of the city. Ranakpur is approximately 300km from Ahmedabad and therefore makes for the ideal weekend getaway from the city.

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