Dundlod Fort shares ancestry with the many forts and havelis of the Jhunjhunu district of Dundlod. It was built in 1750 by Keshari Singh, the fifth and youngest son of a Rajput ruler Sardul Singh. Dundlod fort is an incredible fusion of Rajput and Mughal art and architecture.

dundlod fort

Your journey to the fort takes you through the sandy roads of Shekhawati, to the village of Dundlod, where you spot the towering fort right in the center. You’ll make your way to the ‘Bichla Darwaza’ – entering the fort’s main courtyard and the steps leading you to the Diwan Khana.  Guests are welcomed with a “Royal Salute” via an ushering Commissionaire wearing traditional bright regalia.

Décor at Dundlod Fort

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The Diwan-e-Khas features stained glass windows, heritage antiques and an impressive library collection. A common decor theme is the famous Rajasthani miniature paintings you’ll find everywhere. The Diwan Khana has Mughal architecture, but uses Louis XIV furniture, and a library of some incredibly rare books of history. Unlike many forts and palaces in the region, there have been no attempts to replace the authentic cultural artifacts. You’ll find flowers and foliage motifs, Mughal era minarets, mythological paintings depicting diverse periods of Indian culture and authentic wall hangings of arrows and shields. Modern room decor and amenities are all sourced locally from Rajasthan via artisans specialising in the Rajputana style. In front of every room there are terraces and chowks to soak in the sun and admire views of the city and havelis. You can also walk on the fort’s ramparts and gaze upon the moat below. An interesting fact – no two rooms are alike!

Worth your Experience

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You must enjoy a rooftop dinner, cozily lit with rustic oil lamps. The chefs here can whip a fine selection of both local cuisine and exotic international dishes and even the bar on the Traditional Raj Buggy is reminiscent of a glorious era. Activities include special sightseeing horse, camel and jeep safaris. Dundlod fort is also home to a rare yet internationally known Marwari horse breed, bred at a stud farm. Dundlod Fort also has India’s Marwari horse breeding farm and there are regular horse safaris to see the heritage of Shekhawati & Pushkar and nearby forts & temples. There are regular village dance performances here and the sights and the sounds of Rajasthan can easily reach you high above the city at the fort. The Risala camp stay (closed temporarily for renovations) experience features luxurious tented accommodation with attached toilets, hot running water and royal cavalry style decor and furnishings.

How to get there

You can easily reach Dundlod by road or rail via Delhi, Jaipur and Bikaner.

Nearby locations 

ram dutt goenka
The opulent Chhatri of Ram Dutt Goenka is a domed monument built in 1888 featuring floral motifs and banners. Circling the dome is a frieze of Lord Krishna dancing with his gopis, musicians and peacocks also find mention. The dome’s inner base features the artwork depicting the war of Mahabharata.

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