Gulab Jamun ki sabjiAll Indians and those who have visited India know Gulab Jamun is a sweet delicacy savoured and favoured by many across the Indian subcontinent! It is essentially khoya (milk solids derived from buffalo milk) rolled into balls, deep fried and immersed in a decadent sugar syrup that is flavoured with rose water and saffron! The people of Rajasthan however, have made a savoury variation of this dish which is sure to knock your socks off! Mana Ranakpur shares this extraordinary recipe from its kitchen with you!

Ingredients Gulab Jamun ki Subzi

Mawa (Khoya) 250g
Green Cardamom Powder 5g
Sugar 4g
Cottage Cheese 100g
Cinnamon Powder 3g
Onion 1kg
Green Chilly 20g
Ginger 5g
Garlic 5g
Red Chili Powder 8g
Turmeric Powder 4g
Coriander powder 2g
Cashew nut 200g
Green coriander 10g
Salt  to taste
Deggi Mirchi 5g
Curd 100g
Coriander seeds 2g
Aniseeds 2g
Cumin Seeds 2g

Stage 1: Preparing the Gulab Jamun balls

–          Mash the mawa and cottage cheese together
–          Mix green cardamom & cinnamon powder
–          Prepare small balls
–          Fry in a slow flame
–          Wait for colour to become light brown to remove from the oil and put aside for further preparation

Stage 2: Preparing the curry

–          Boil the onion and cashewnut
–          Grind them to make a paste
–          Take a pan and heat oil in it
–          Add coriander seeds, Aniseeds and cumin seeds. Wait for them to pop
–          Add ginger and garlic
–          Add the onion and cashew nut paste
–          Add all the spices and curd. Cook for 45 minutes
–          Add the balls prepared in stage 1 and sprinkle green coriander
–          Serve with rice or roti

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