Makka RabriMost of Rajasthan’s cuisine is greatly influenced by the area’s rugged topography and the indigenous ingredients. The result is a heavy dependence on easily available legumes and pulses as well as intensive use of milk, curd and buttermilk to make gravies.

Makka Rabadi is a typical and popular dish from Rajasthan’s Mewari region. It is a staple meal for most locals and it can be consumed at any time of the day. Interestingly, this dish tastes spectacular both hot and cold; and can be consumed either way depending on the weather.

It is a healthy and wholesome meal with no artificial flavours or cooking agents.

Ingredients of Makka Rabri

Pure ghee – 20 g
Mustard seed – 5 g
Butter Milk – 1 l
Crushed dry corn – 100 g
Salt – to taste
Roasted Cumin Seed Powder – 10 g


  • Heat 20 g of ghee in a vessel which can hold 1.5 litres of liquid
  • Add mustard seeds (5 g) to identify if the ghee is warm enough for the next stage
  • Once the mustard seeds start crackling, add 1 litre of buttermilk
  • Allow the buttermilk to reach its boiling point
  • Add 100 g of crushed dry corn to the boiling buttermilk
  • From this point on, the preparation needs to be cooked slowly. For this, we have found that an extinguished tandoor at the end of the day works well in a hotel. We typically leave it on top of the tandoor for a period of about 8 hours. However, in a residential setup, cooking on a low flame could also work.
  • The slow heating should be stopped once the corn is soft
  • Salt can be mixed in at this stage as per taste
  • Roasted cumin seed powder can be used for garnishing

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