Karni Bhawan Palace Hotel, BikanerSet on perfectly manicured lawns on the outskirts of Bikaner, Karni Bhawan Palace was home to Maharaja Karni Singh of Bikaner. Built-in the deluxe art deco style popular in west in the 1940s, the palace is spacious, has Doric pillars, ornamental staircases and grand windows. It has 10 art deco rooms and 2 regular rooms.

Art Deco Suite @ Karni Bhawan Palace Hotel, BikanerIn terms of decor, HRH group of Hotels has kept in theme with it other properties and adorned the hotel with antique furniture, well-preserved paintings and old photographs of the royal households of Bikaner and Mewar, creating a distinctively regal ambiance.

Ideal for a romantic getaway, the location of the hotel provides just the right amount of privacy in an idyllic setting while the city of Bikaner provides great hustle and bustle as one of the bigger tourist centres of Rajasthan. Bikaner is famous for its forts, palaces, temples, fairs and festivals as well as its own variety of crafts, music and wildlife.

The city was established in 1488 by Rajput prince Rao Bika ji, a descendent of Rao Jodha ji, founder of Jodhpur. As per records, civilizations had flourished in this region much before the Harappan period but it was barren land until Bika ji shaped it into the still flourishing city we see today.

Manwar Restaurant @ Karni Bhawan Palace Hotel, BikanerLike all HRH properties, the Karni Bhawan Palace boasts of great service and food. The only complaint, as unusual as it may be, is that the food, while scrumptious, is highly overpriced in comparison to their room rents.

Maikada Bar @ Karni Bhawan Palace Hotel, BikanerKarni Bhawan Palace has two restaurants: Manwar – the name refers to the traditional genteel hospitality associated with and celebrated in Rajasthan. This all-day-dining restaurant serves up one great dish after the other. Their bar, known as Maikada, which translates to tavern provides a great ambiance for guests to unwind and soak up the essence of the former royal residence.

Conference Hall @ Karni Bhawan Palace Hotel, BikanerThe hotel also provides a confidential meeting suite/conference room ideal for corporate retreats, recreation in the form of indoor games as well as all other modern amenities like laundry, wireless internet (at no extra charge), satellite television to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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