Must-visit Art Gallery

Rajasthan’s rich and varied legacy comes alive in its monuments, its living history of artisans, and of course, its art work. But the state has not stayed behind in adopting new cultural artistic forms, making its contemporary art spaces a sight to behold.


Artchill Art Gallery, Jaipur

While the name is incredibly unconventional considering the state’s princely legacy, Artchill Art Gallery has been a home to contemporary Rajasthani art for the last 2 decades. Today, the work showcased here includes renowned artists and upcoming talent.  The gallery’s location is perfect – it is right at the top of the Amber Fort hill, a legacy monument here. The gallery’s premises include works of names like Jamini Roy, Ram Kinker, and collections of works by Paritosh Sen, Karmakar, Gue, and other art personalities. This includes portraits, sculptures and abstract work. In 2013, Artchill had its 100th art exhibition, which saw a showcase of works by 100 artists from across the world, including Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East and South East Asia. Artchill regularly organises exciting exhibitions which see it curate work across a wide spectrum of sensibilities.


Samanvai Art Gallery, Jaipur

Founded in 2003, Samanvai is one of the youngest art galleries in Jaipur. But it enjoys the attention of premium Jaipur artists and lovers of art from across the nation. The gallery’s location is right in middle of Jaipur’s buzzing M.I. Road. You’ll find contemporary Indian works in oil, watercolour and mixed media curated from the state and across the country, including Bengal, Kerala, and Goa. Samanvai is also popular for artist workshops and exhibitions.

The gallery is renowned for a decor scheme that lends itself beautifully as a showcase to art, with tasteful grey Kota stone floors, a serene ambiance, and a 2000 square feet area to spaciously display each piece of art. The gallery’s proprietor also doubles up as its head curator, and the works selected have been showcased across the world. Additionally, Samanvai is often a venue for performing artists, including Hindustani classical musicians, poets, etc.


Naila Art Gallery

The 21,000 sq feet Naila Art Gallery has the unique privilege of being managed by artists, the well known Thakur Dushyant Singh and Thakurani Usha Singh. Naila is known for its eclectic, diverse curation and its Naila Bagh Palace location. The incredibly peaceful location is an inviting venue for artists to come, discuss, and even stay on the premises to live and work here.


Modern Art Gallery

Ram Niwas Bagh, planned by Maharaja Ram Singh, has the privilege of being home to the Modern Art Gallery.  The 32 year old gallery is a small but cosy venue for a wide variety of Rajasthani art events. It often hosts exclusive showings of renowned contemporary sculptors and artists. For someone who appreciates beauty in all forms, the gallery is a must see on while enjoying the flora and fauna of the Bagh.


Palette Art Gallery

Rajasthan’s first contemporary art gallery, Palette is renowned for works depicting a striking use of colour and form. An amazing variety of mediums – miniature, wood craft, ceramic, iron etc. are all at display here, and the gallery consults with leading artists in selecting these masterpieces.

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