Travelling is like reading a book. If you are reading the same page every day, the chances are you might get bored of it. This example is perfectly suited for Rajasthan tourism where travelers limit their trips to places such as Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. The fact is that there is so much more to Rajasthan than these places only. If Rajasthan is on your bucket list this year, then you must check out these 5 offbeat places to visit.

Taragarh fort in Ajmer #rajasthan tourism

taragarh-fort of rajasthan tourismAt first sight, this fort appears to be a postcard from the past. It is believed that the fort was the first one to be built on the hilltop. On entering the fort, what amazes you is the impressive gateways. Their architectural beauty will make you awestruck. The fort has withered with time but this is what gives it an awe-inspiring charm. Another fort which should be visited is Kumbhalgarh fort near Ranakpur.

Soniji Ki Nasiya

soniji This is one of the biggest Jain temples in Rajasthan, also knows as Lal Mandir. The temple is dedicated to Lord Adinath. The name Soniji ki Nasiya has a historical relevance. It is named after Jain businessman Raibahadur Mulchand Nemichand Soni who started its construction after the fall of Mughal empire in 1857. The temple carving mesmerizes one as they are all done in gold. Even the interiors of the museum are all in gold. Yet, it is not just for seeing gold carvings that you for to this place but those moments of solitude in the inner prayer chambers.


Barmer  Long stretch of barren land, tough weather, uneven landscape is what defines Barmer. For the traveller in you who longs for a vintage Rajasthan feel, Barmer is the answer.  Barmer  also boasts of a fort sat atop a rocky hill from where we can see the ruins of the old barmer fort. The best time to go to Barmer is in march when the Barmer festival is held. The festivals in the desert state are also a great boon for Rajasthan tourism as they allow the traveler’s to experience the local culture in its full glory.


mahan If you are a fan of visiting an old-fashioned Rajasthani town, Mahansar should by your answer. This town was established in the year 1768 and has amazing artwork and painting to boast of. The town is full of palaces but one such palace or haveli which stands out is Sone Chand Ki Dukan. Luminous painting have covered the walls in the haveli with intricate golden leaves woven across them.


Banswara It is an ancient city lying in ruins today. It is a place where you get the great experience of the old Rajasthan. There are many places to visit here like the City Palace where the Rajput architecture is at display, Anand Sagar lake and Madareshwar, a grand temple of Lord Shiva.

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