places to visit in Rajasthan

When you think of Beautiful Rajasthan, what comes to your mind?

The desert, with dunes so high they could be mountains? Or do you think of colours, the bright reds, greens, and yellows? Do you imagine camel rides and the majestic elephants?

The list could go on because there are so many things to do in Rajasthan, and so much to see, that one lifetime wouldn’t be sufficient. In spite of being predominantly a dry state, during the rains and in the winter seasons, Rajasthan offers pleasant weather.

Taking that into consideration, here’s a list of places that you absolutely have to visit on your next trip to Rajasthan.

1. Eklingji

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple complex that you see in Eklingji today has suffered intense hostilities since it was built in the 8th century.

Eklingji Temple

First, when the Delhi Sultanate rulers decided to invade the royalties of Rajasthan, and left the Eklingji temple in ruins.

After being renovated and restored in the 14th century by Hamir Singh and in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha (under whose name the Kumbhalgarh Fort is famous), the temple complex was yet again left in ruinsthe destruction by Ghiyath Shah of Malwa Sultanate.

In the end, Rana Raimal, son of Rana Kumbha, restored the temple to its present state.

The architecture of the temple complex is impeccable. In spite of being destroyed multiple times, the faith of people brought the temple back.

It is due to such incidents that you should be tempted to go and experience the magic at Eklingji from your stay at a Kumbhalgarh resort.

A mere 71.2km (44 miles) drive away, you could have the chance to be mesmerized by the beauty of Eklingji temple.

2. Delwara

Known as the town of Gods, Delwara is only two hours away from the Kumbhalgarh Fort.

The town has various places to see like the Palera Talab (a lake and the only source of water for the town), Trimukhi Bawri (an ancient stepwell), Lodha Mohalla (Havelis built in traditional Rajasthani style with gokhlas or niches), and other some other forts and temples.

Talking about temples, Delwara is most known for its Jain temples, more so, the Parshvanathji Bhagvan temple.

Built 900 years ago, the Jain temple is dedicated to the 23rd Tirthankara, Parshvanathji Bhagvan.

There’s something amazing about this temple that you must know. There’s a chamber that runs 5 meters underground and houses 13 extraordinary idols of Jain Tirthankaras.

Travelling long hours wouldn’t seem like much when you get to admire the black marble deity of Parshvanath Bhagwan, in the temple of Delwara.

Both Eklingji and Delwara can be visited from the gorgeous city of Udaipur as you make a move to reach Kumbhalgarh Fort by road. If not, you could create a one day trip from the heights of Aravali ranges to the towns, and go back satisfied, to the luxury of your hotels near Kumbhalgarh Fort.

3. Nathdwara

If you’re planning a holiday to Rajasthan, you would already know that the best time would be the rains or winters.

Lucky for you, these are also the best times to visit Nathdwara or Shrinathji and experience the festivities that take place in the holy town of Lord Krishna.

Holi, Janmashtami, and Diwali are celebrated with such enthusiasm that you wouldn’t feel like an outsider.

Leaving aside the rich history associated with the town, you would find various artisans, excelling in their respective fields.

Starting from milk-based sweets to authentic ‘picchwai’ paintings and handmade terracotta items, the people of Nathdwara are highly talented.

The paintings are based on the theme of Lord Krishna holding in his palm Mount Govardhan. There’s a whole legend that backs up this particular scenario.

Being a one of the predominantly religious places, Nathdwara is a must-visit for anyone who is religious, interested in history, and a fan of art.

4. Rajsamand

Just an hour and a half away from the majestic Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajsamand is known for housing the second-largest man-made lake. This stat not only accounts for India but the world!

Rajsamand is cloaked in nature beautyand its beauty and houses various temples and marble artisans, all of which should be visited leaving the luxury hotels in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan.

You’ll learn about the battles that kings fought, their courage, and their dedication and love towards the land, as you witness the marvelous culture of the city.

Rajsamand Lake, located within the city boundaries, is one of the significant features. It was built in the 17th century and on the fringe stand two marble structures, known as Nauchowki.

If you wish to experience the local essence of the city, then you must visit Rajsamand when their king in the day, Rana Raj Singh is celebrated.

On this day, you shall get to experience their traditional artforms including Rasila dance, Ghoomar, and Gair.

You will also find a bunch of temples in the city dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.

5. Kumbhalgarh

There’s no doubt you would have heard of Kumbhalgarh and the second-longest wall in the world.

Resting in the western part of the Aravalli ranges, Kumbhalgarh Fort has been acclaimed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

There are various stories attached with the construction of the fort, some which will give you goosebumps.

With 7 fortified gateways, the fort would receive ample protection when and if ever it were to be attacked. Not just this, locals believe that the temples within the walls of the fort are also a major reason that the fort couldn’t be conquered by many invaders.

Atop the fort, you can see Thar desert flaunting its dunes.

You shall get to learn about the amazing and fascinating story of how the fort was built. You may also receive this information from the staff at the hotels in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan by locals.

When you do visit the fort, you’ll see with your eyes the astonishing architectural abilities that our forefathers had.

During the rains, the entire area of Kumbhalgarh Fort is lush green with the cool breeze blowing throughout the day. This will make the climb easy.

You could begin your journey to all these places from Udaipur since it’s the only city near the majestic places mentioned in this article that has an airport.

Another location that you could include in your trip to Rajasthan would be Ranakpur. Located in the Pali district, it is super close to Kumbhalgarh and also houses various luxury hotels like Mana Hotels. It is surrounded by nature, tucked away in the Aravalli valley. You will find a lot of Jain and Hindu temples here. The architecture of these temples is going to leave you wide-eyed.

Once you reach your destination, i.e. your Kumbhalgarh accommodation, you could plan a one day trip to the smaller towns of Rajasthan. As mentioned above, you’ll be greeted with a rich culture and deep-rooted history that shall leave you fascinated each day.

Your vacation list must include the little towns and cities in Rajasthan along with the obvious tourist spots. Live like the locals. Enjoy the essence that they carry with them.

Mana Hotels in Ranakpur, Rajasthan is about 45 km from the majestic fort and is just an hour’s drive away. With excellent comfort in the rooms and recreational areas, the resort is a place for the ones who wish to experience luxury and peace. We provide our guests with excellent services and an ambience that is unforgettable.

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