The Ranakpur Jain Temple is undoubtedly an architectural marvel. Its beauty often leaves onlookers spellbound and pondering over the dedication that it must have been the result of. Built completely from stone, the temple spreads over 48,000 square feet, has three levels, four entrances, 1444 individually and distinctly sculpted pillars, many porticos, and what not. It could not have been an easy feat to achieve with the lack of modern technology.

For years the Ranakpur Jain Temple has been an important pilgrimage for faithful Jains, architecture enthusiasts as well as tourists. Its grandeur was further recognized by the Government of Rajasthan during Rajpex 2012 (the 13th state-level stamp convention) when it released a beautiful stamp with the Ranakpur Jain Temple on it.

In a state as ancient and vibrant as Rajasthan, there are many beautiful sites to see. The government’s decision to choose Ranakpur to be one of the sixteen newly designed stamped showcasing the state’s important and beautiful sites seems befitting.

ranakpur stamp, Rajasthan Government

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