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Welcome to the April 2024 edition of the Ranakpur Hotels Monthly Feedback Tracker! This blog serves as a comprehensive summary of the feedback received by Ranakpur Hotels from guests throughout the month. We’ll delve into the key metrics, detailed analysis of various aspects of the hotel experience.

This monthly blog dives into guest reviews to give you the inside scoop on traveler experiences at some of Ranakpur’s most popular hotels.

Summary of Reviews till Date

Ranakpur HotelsGoogleTrip Advisor
Mana Ranakpur1,7444.26884.5
Kings Abode Ranakpur8304.54064.5
Fateh Bagh Ranakpur5814.32314.0
Maharani Bagh Ranakpur4684.61884.5
Aranyawas Ranakpur6624.25984.5
Ranakpur Safari Resort6134.52005.0

AI Generated Review Summary for Ranakpur Hotels – April 2024

In this section we will mention the new reviews received by the Ranakpur hotels in the previous month and also share a proprietary rating taking into account 14 different factors

Ranakpur HotelGoogleTrip Advisor
Monthly ReviewsAI RatingMonthly ReviewsAI Rating
Mana Ranakpur123.5484.51
Kings Abode73.250
Fateh Bagh43.610
Ranakpur Safari Resort63.0015.00

Featured Hotels:

Mana Hotels Ranakpur

Guests consistently praised Mana Ranakpur’s staff, food & service. The hotel’s unique offerings, like leopard safaris and live cooking demonstrations featuring Rajasthani cuisine, were big hits. One review mentioned the small room size issue which can be due to different room category chosen while booking.


Mana Hotels Ranakpur

Mana at Ranakpur is a 49 room boutique resort located in the picturesque valley of Ranakpur, Rajasthan. With a range of accommodation options we can cater to a diverse audience of travelers. Mana Hotels Offers Animal Rides, Jungle Safaris, Site seen, Rain Dance, Musical nights, conference, Kids zone along with lots of in house activities such as Swimming pool, pool table, table tennis, basketball, badminton, mini-theater, sand pit and many more to cater all kind of customers.

Kings Abode Ranakpur

This charming hotel impressed guests with its exceptional service and comfortable accommodations. Reviewers loved the on-site restaurant and its delicious local dishes. Some mentioned limited parking availability during peak season.


hotels in ranakpur

Nestled in Rajasthan’s majestic wilderness lies King’s Abode, a serene getaway for friends and family. Surrounded by lush greens and perched atop a hillock, this old-look fortress offers modern amenities, courteous service, and spectacular views. Just a stone’s throw from Udaipur, yet far enough to embrace wilderness, King’s Abode is acclaimed as one of Ranakpur’s finest resorts. Indulge in scrumptious cuisine, comfortable rooms, and a plethora of activities including pool, table tennis, and soon, beach volleyball.

Fateh Bagh by HRH Group of Hotels

Fateh Bagh received positive feedback for its spacious rooms and well-maintained facilities. The hotel’s swimming pool was a popular amenity, especially for families. One review mentioned issue in complimentary offerings.


ranakpur hotels

Fateh Bagh, India’s pioneering attempt at relocating a fallen palace, preserves rich Rajput architecture. Rawla Koshilav, once a flourishing palace near Jodhpur, fell into neglect in the 20th century. In 2002, its 65,000 pieces were moved to Ranakpur, where they now stand as Fateh Bagh. Amid orchards and by a rain-fed river, this square-shaped palace boasts majestic arches, intricately carved pillars, and beautiful domes. It’s a departure from today’s minimalist design, offering a recreated historical experience in both architecture and hospitality.

Welcomheritage Maharani Bagh Orchard Retreat

This luxurious retreat stole the show with its tranquil gardens and impeccable hospitality. Guests raved about spacious room, service & the spa. A few reviewers suggested the hotel could benefit from offering more recreational activities & can have wi-fi access in the rooms.


Maharani Bagh Ranakpur

WelcomHeritage Maharani Bagh Orchard is one of the most serene locales in the rugged and arid zones of Ranakpur. Laid out by Maharani of Jodhpur, this used to be a favorite retreat for the royal family. Built in the late 19th century, Maharani Bagh Orchard is the idyllic location for all you nature lovers out there. The fort is close to Ranakpur Jain Temples which were built during the reign of the liberal and gifted monarch Rana Kumbha in the 15th century.

Verdict for April 2024 Winner:

This month, Mana Hotels & Ranakpur Safari Resort were tied in terms of the average rating of 4.0. However, Mana Hotels secured this rating with a larger number of reviews. While Mana Ranakpur was able to garner 20 reviews, Ranakpur Safari Resort was able to get 7 review. Therefore, the winner for this month is Mana Hotels! Such close competition between 2 Ranakpur hotels is great for tourists coming to Ranakpur as more than one establishment will give them great services!

What Next:

May brings the summer season in Rajasthan and hence hotels offer lucrative offers and same goes true for Ranakpur hotels as well, so expect some hotels to offer special packages or events. We’ll be back next month to see how the summer season influence guest experiences!

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So, are you planning a trip to Ranakpur? This monthly tracker can be your guide to choosing the perfect hotel for your needs. With its stunning scenery, rich history, and warm hospitality, Ranakpur promises an unforgettable stay!

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