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Ranakpur – Jawai Festival

The department of tourism, Rajasthan has announced the dates for the Ranakpur-Jawai festival and it will be held on the 21-22nd of December 2023. The venue is held at multiple events with the bulk of the entertainment taking place in the lawns in front of Mana Hotels in Ranakpur. The other venues include the Sun temple, Ranakpur Jain temple and the forest area for safari’s & adventure activities.

Ranakpur - jawai festival

“The Ranakpur-Jawai festival is the second last festival for the year in Rajasthan, the last one being the Winter festival in Mt. Abu. Along with the Kumbhalgarh festival in the first half of December, the southern part of Rajasthan will offer tourists a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture & festivities of this great state,” said Mr. Vikas Bhati, Operations Manager at Mana Hotels.

“Since one of the venues for the festival is close to Mana Hotels & adjoining properties such as Fatehbagh Palace, Maharani Bagh, Chandra Hill resort etc., the hotels play a vital role in helping the tourism body with the organization & hospitality arrangement for the tourists & dignatories,” said Mr. Ajay Seth, HR Manager at Mana Hotels.

Although the primary market for this festival has been the local population, this year the line up of attractions including yoga, nature walks at the foothills in forests of Aravalli’s, visits to the Ranakpur Jain temple, hot air ballooning, interesting activities like: tug of war, beautiful decorations, cultural programmes, attractive folk and classical performances every evening etc. will attract tourists from outside the state as well.

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