summer in rajasthan

Summer in Rajasthan can be cruel! The sparse vegetation in the region is no match for the scorching hot winds that occur throughout the day. But you should stop this from exploring all that the state has to offer! Travelers must prepare themselves for this climate as well as they can. Here are a few tips that will come in handy.

Once you are equipped to handle the summer in Rajasthan, it can throw up quite a few pleasant surprises.

Cover up

A hat and sunglasses are essential to cover up and protect you against the sun. While noon is when the sun is overhead, you need to remember to cover up in the afternoon as well. Wear a hat with a light fabric – to counter the hot winds, some even drench their hat with a bit of water.

Leave early

It is better to hit the road early in the morning, because as the sun began to get higher and higher in the sky, the temperature will only increase. And, if you leave early for your explorations, you can come back early and rehydrate, instead of having to bear the scorching heat that persists till late afternoon and sometimes even early evening.

Other sun protection

Sunscreen is a must, and if you are outdoor for a few hours, be sure to reapply two or three times. Use a water based sunscreen as you will be sweating and don’t your skin to feel greasy. You should get a high SPF sunscreen to prevent sunburn. You can also look into well-known brands of talcum powder formulated especially for prickly heat.

Carry water

Carry water with you everywhere you go! It’s better to have some on you at all times rather than having to hunt for water when you’re really thirsty.

Drink some more!

Bael Juice

You are going to lose a lot of body salt via sweat! Ensure you have at least one of these beverages every day, just like the locals do!
1. Lemonade: The salt, sugar and Lemon juice drink will replenish your body’s salt-water balance, pick up your mood with the sugar content, and also energize you with Vitamin C.
2. Bael Juice: known for its properties of cooling down the body, bael juice is a common beverage consumed in North India during the months of summer. It can also fight ailments caused by summer heat, including heat strokes and dehydration. Bael juice can also check viral infections.
3. Chaach: The buttermilk drink cools you down, replaces body salts and also energizes you, without being heavy on the stomach. Cumin seed and fresh coriander are added to garnish the drink, which also enhances its abilities as a curative summer beverage.

Wear suitable clothes

While the summer heat might tempt you to wear minimal clothing, it is advisable to wear light coloured, loose fitting clothing to deflect the sun and allow air movement without exposing yourself too much to the sun.


Here are some good resources to check the weather beforehand:

Popular destinations

Some popular destinations in Rajasthan for summer travel include Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh, Mount Abu & Udaipur.

Consider these evergreen locations for your summer in Rajasthan.

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