Imagine this; 3.5 acres of lush and landscaped greenery with the backdrop of the rugged Aravali range. A mash up of cold steel, glass, and concrete with warm stones and the sandy soil of Rajasthan. The evening chill in the desert air, the serenity of a small town, and the exoticism of the Land of Kings. This could be the ambiance for your wedding.

To say the least, weddings are a stressful time for the bride and groom as well as their families across all cultures. The big fat Indian wedding, however, tends to take on a life of its own and has mind boggling demands. More often than not, weddings in your hometown can become more about your guests than yourself. A wedding at Mana Ranakpur however, is only about you.

Mana Ranakpur understands the subtle nuances that make a wedding memorable and therefore, persevere to provide fantastic service which is dedicated to catering to all your needs and the entire venue can be transformed as per your decor requirements. The hotel has 40 beautiful rooms in its hotel block and 9 luxurious villas to accommodate the family and wedding guests. The fully equipped spa provides the perfect opportunity for relaxation as well as full amenities for the bride’s convenience.

The multi-cuisine restaurant with live cooking counters and private dining areas serve Continental, Punjabi, Chinese, South Indian, Rajasthani as well as Gujarati cuisine. There is also much variety in terms of the dining experience as food will be served not only within the restaurant but also by the pool, under the badd tree, and on the terrace. A banquet hall of 200 covers also allows us to serve your guests better.

Mana Ranakpur has been built keeping in mind all possible requirements of our guests. So if you’re looking for a peaceful and personal wedding, Mana Ranakpur is the choicest destination for you!

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