Backwaters of Kerala define indulgence in a way that no other Indian locale can. Kerala is known as the only state where monsoon hits twice, and yet the rain doesn’t hinder any pursuits you might have in mind. The state comes alive, glistening fresh and verdant – popular destinations here are even more beckoning during this time of the year, including the backwaters, Wayanad, Poovar Island, Bekal beach, Alappuzha, Munnar, and Kovalam. But it is the Kerala backwaters that are the most charming of all.


Once the transport of choice to move cargo like rice and spices from local ports, now the houseboats are complete homes in themselves, with spacious bedrooms, dining decks, western style amenities, and kitchens that use the freshest ingredients. Enjoy the freshest seafood, locally sourced spices and coconut water at your beck and all. Houseboat cruises are popular during the monsoon, and you will cherish gently floating through lush green palms, heavenly green villages, coconut groves and lagoons, giving your senses a tranquility that cannot be defined in words. The waters of Kerala are touched by the Arabian Sea on the western shores, and small rivers flowing down mountains, with estuaries and lagoons. Saltwater and freshwater ecosystems mingle here in an unprecedented harmony, and the cool gentle breeze is rich with clean moisture that rejuvenates your mind.
Houseboats Backwaters of Kerala

Popular houseboat cruises

Popular backwater hotspots include the Alappuzhu-Canal Cruise, Alappuzha-Kochi cruise, Alumkadavu-Kollam, Ashtamudi, Kumarakom, and Mannanam. Floating serenely seems the ideal setting to contemplate your relationship, imagine exciting future opportunities and your love for one another. And the monsoon season promise discounts as steep as 50%!

Cochin, Kerala’s commercial capital offers lagoons, rivulets and coconut palm fringed islands just beyond the urban boundaries.

Alleppey, rightly called the Venice of the East, offers travellers hundreds of small canals, and you must try the Vembanad Lake cruise here. It’s the longest freshwater lake in India, and is famed for its sunset cruises. Nearby is the nearby Punnamuda Lake, a great point to spot the Nehru Trophy Snake Boat races during Onam.

Onam is Kerala’s most important festival. The August to September time is an exciting one, and the 10 day harvest festival sees local festivity and fervour at an all time high. Onam’s most exciting time is the famous annual snake boat race performed on Pamba River.

A cruise on the backwaters of Kollamm, take you to the serene Ashtamudi Lake, and the panorama includes banana plantations and ducks. The Kumarakom islands are bordered by surrounded by green paddy fields, and many small resorts are situated along the shores. Kochi is home to Kerala’s best backwaters, beaches, and Spas and Ayurvedic centres.
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Ayurvedic Massage

Kerala is famed the world over for Ayurvedic treatments, known to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. The combination of authentic herbal oil preparations, diet planning, massage sessions lasting hours, combined with yoga and meditation prepare any couple with the equanimity and peace to take on their married life. Only a small distance from Kovalam beach is the world’s first Ayurvedic resort, Somatheeram. Somatheeram has decades of experience in treating common lifestyle problems, including paralysis, blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol and breathing problems. The seaside location, Ayurvedic therapies delicious meals make it a popular destination to add a much needed period of equanimity to honeymoons.

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort
Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort

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