Beautiful sunrises

For a photographer or a nature lover, one of the most beautiful experiences in outdoor photography is capturing a sunrise. There’s something about a beautiful sunrise that makes any outdoor experience much more exciting and beautiful. It could be the sun rising over a city or an ocean, and the resulting experience of the sky turning into rich reds, purples, and gold will be memorable for the onlooker.

With India’s great climate, we are blessed with ample sunlight, and therefore not many cloudy days that block out the sun.

Here are some Beautiful Sunrises that you simply must experience at least once in your lifetime:

Vivekanand’s Rock – Kanyakumari

This is one of the most inspiring sunrises you can see in India. There’s everything one can hope for – rippling water, a beautiful monument that looks stunning even in the distance, and an unobstructed panorama that lets you savour how the sky changes colors.

Kanyakumari’s Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a must see for visitors to South India. It is known for sunrise as well as sunset!  The rocky land on which the monument is set makes it a visual treat for photographers. In the soft cool breeze, Vivekanand’s Rock is a beautiful experience throughout the year. For Vivekananda fans, it’ll be all the more beautiful.

Wilson Point, Mahabaleshwar

Wilson Point is a very popular tourist spot among the people visiting the hill station of Mahabaleshwar. It’s one of the best places in India to catch the glimpses of the rising sun in its full glory. Also known as the Sunrise Point, Wilson Point is actually a huge plateau which offers breathtaking views of the sunrise. The three naturally carved and chiseled masonry round platforms give podium to the tourists to experience the grandeur of the sun. The second platform is barely a mile away from the Mahabaleshwar market area.

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling

For many, the sight of the sun rising over snow peaked mountains draws them to Tiger Hill in the winter months (October to December). However, it is also a great experience in spring (March to April). Tiger Hill is about 10 kilometers from the town of Darjeeling and is the highest point in Darjeeling.

To see the sunrise, one must head out as early as 3.30 AM. This is because the excited tourists would have already parked their cars and lined up to see the sunrise. Due to this, one might have to park and walk uphill for a while. If you set out early, you’ll manage to find a spot at the tower-house. The tower has paid seating for viewing the sunrise. The top floor, with comfortable seating, charges 40 Rupees per person, whereas the ground floor charges Rs. 20.

Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh

Kibithu, in Arunachal Pradesh, is a small town known for its great sunrises.  It gives viewers the classic sunrise experience – involving mountains, clouds and greenery! You can easily cycle to a great vantage point, or hike up to spot the sunrise.

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