Christmas in India

While India’s temperate climate means that most of it cannot enjoy the snow scenery that Hollywood movies show us, there are definitely a lot of beautiful Christmas experiences and destinations that are worth looking at in India. If you time your leave just right, you can be off till the New Years, and come back to office recharged and refreshed. What better way to enjoy the most exciting weekend of the year than with Christmas trees, lights, gifts, delicacies such as Christmas pudding and other classic aspects of the celebration?

You don’t need to visit Europe or America to make this happen – here are some destinations you need to visit in India. However, you need to make plans immediately so that you can get the best deals possible! Otherwise, there will be high hotel rates and expensive flight tickets to worry about at the last minute, not to mention clogged roads!

1. Mumbai

Mumbai is home to several churches which are thronged by thousands to attend the midnight mass. Some popular ones include the Wodehouse Church, Mount Mary’s Basilica, Saint Michael’s Church, Saint Peter’s Church, Saint Andrew’s Church among others. The bakeries in Mumbai craft amazing Christmas delicacies. The Christian population of the city observes the festival with great pomp and joy and many members of other communities also take part.

2. Goa

Goa is the quintessential Christmas destination! The joyous atmosphere and overall vibe is unlike anywhere else in India, and it reaches another level in this state where Christianity is a part of their local culture and heritage! People from all denominations visit to experience the famous Christmas celebration at the beautiful churches and take part in amazing parties! Right after Christmas, there’s the New Year’s party season, which should not be missed either!

3. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is known for its serenity, and Christmas time here is when things get bright and beautiful. You need to visit the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus churches during Christmas time. They have amazing festive colors and the locals are incredibly hospitable and welcoming. And, the best part is the weather, which is pleasant instead of cold.

4. Manali

What is Christmas without some snow and winter chill? Want a White Europe-ish Christmas experience in India? Head straight to Manali. This beautiful hill station is an awesome place to be during Christmas. A lot of tourists flock to the place around this time, mainly to enjoy the snowfall and therefore it’s always good to book hotel rooms in advance. Manali is a lovely place to spend a fairytale Christmas, right in the lap of nature.

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