tourist destination in rajasthan

It is no secret that Rajasthan is one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations. Here are five reasons why foreigners visiting India consider the state a definite must-see place:

1. Cuisine

Unlike Mughlai or some South Indian cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine is rare in India. It combines Rajput aristocracy and the Marwari culture and also keeps in mind the tastes of the neighboring states of Gujarat, Haryana, and Punjab.

Food is often cooked in milk or clarified butter, and the local cuisine was originally created keeping in mind the desert life. Kair sangria (a desert fruit) with mango pickle is an example of this and uses dried dates, chilies, salt, coriander, and cumin, all available in this climate.

The warrior culture makes Rajput cuisine rich in meat preparations. If you’re coming to Rajasthan as a food lover, you should definitely go beyond chicken and explore hunted meat like hare and birds. More importantly, it is the gravy and the cuts of meat that define the Rajasthani non-vegetarian experience.

2. Handicrafts

Rajasthan is known for its brilliant artisan work. Their block printed textiles, mask making, puppetry are famous across the world, and the degree of precision is unmatched. You can buy directly from these artists. Additionally, the leatherwork (bags and belts) is also fascinating. Tourists also love the colorful ornate Rajasthani fashion. Women’s clothes use mirror-work and embroidery, and a lot of bright colors like blue, yellow, and orange.

3. Heritage and culture

Above everything else, the most distinctive thing you’ll notice is the amazing combination of hospitality with color. It is easy to find yourself being welcomed by men with colorful turbans at cultural hotspots like Chowki-Dhaani. At these places, you can see dances and songs that were once performed among tribes as a source of entertainment still very much alive.

Folk music is essential to the local experience, and you can hear it everywhere you go in the state. The authentic Rajasthani cultural experience is not something that can be captured in a Bollywood movie or documentary – it must be experienced first-hand!

4. Photography

It cannot be denied that the Western world loves photography. And there is no other country like India when it comes to it. There is just so much color, excitement and joy at every corner. And the sheer amount of diversity available in this country is unparalleled.

Rajasthan is the best example of this. Water bodies allow aquatic photography, whereas rich biodiversity makes it possible to shoot animals and birds across Rajasthan’s various sanctuaries. Hours away are some of the greatest historical monuments of India, known for their craftsmanship and design.

5. Ease of travel

Most importantly, the ease with which you can shuttle across the state, and go from great meals, brilliant monuments, sanctuaries and more is amazing. There are buses, taxis, and even air transport readily available for travelling across the state so that hours are not wasted travelling.

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