There’s nothing like an adventurous travelogue to create memories and share love & affection with your family. Travelling is a fun-filled activity and you wouldn’t like to ruin your perfect holiday. These travel tips will put you to ease and make your travel enjoyable & comforting, so go ahead and plan a family vacation!

family vacation

1. Pick family vacation friendly destinations

While all parents think about the kids while planning a vacation, you also need to ensure that there is something meaningful for the grownups too. Find a list of  destinations that offer something for everyone. It could be Kerala with luxurious houseboats, canoeing trips and spotting animals or Rajasthan  which has adventure activities for kids (camel rides, air ballooning, zip lining etc) as well as great shopping and cultural experiences.

2. Know that you are travelling with different generations

For those taking their grandparents along for a vacation, it is important that you find a destination that allows people to have their own space. You don’t all need to do the same activities but find time to be with each other throughout the vacation and share their excitement and joy.

3. Keep it spacious

It may cost a bit more, but a family vacation isn’t like a spur of the moment bachelorhood getaway where it is perfectly normal to bunk at a cramped budget hotel. Considering that everyone needs their own space to relax as the day ends, it is preferable to have separate rooms for kids and adults (or at least a spacious one if shared).

4. Activities should be age appropriate

It is unfair to expect 8 year old hyperactive kids to be fascinated by the symbolism of mural carvings. Similarly, it is also unfair to force the grandparents into a toy train when they want to soak in the sun and take a leisurely nap. A location must be decided keeping in mind the activities that everyone can enjoy. However, you don’t have to hand-hold kids and supervise them constantly. Let them build sand castles on the beach if they want!

5. Make a medical inventory

Across ages, there’s always going to be key medicines that are almost a necessity.  For the kids and the grandparents, it might be vitamin supplements. People in the family might have specific allergies for which you need to pack antihistamines as well as topical creams for skin outbreaks. There are essential pills for stomach upsets and vomiting that might happen on higher altitudes (or as a result of sea-sickness).  Also, if you meet other vacationers at your resort, ask them for advice on food to avoid and medicines to pick up.

6. Budget a little higher

When travelling with family, you need to keep in mind that there will be small mistakes that the kids or the grandparents might make – some of which might cost a little extra money. If you’re going to be strict, keep them in line and supervise everyone 24/7, it will defeat the purpose of a vacation. Let them make their mistakes and learn new things.

Have a great and memorable vacation with your family!

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