Kodaikanal Honeymoon Destination

India has an amazing line-up of honeymoon destinations. But if you’re looking for a honeymoon in India that combines luxury with nature, Kodaikanal might be your getaway. Historically, it has been established as a safety getaway from the heat and illnesses of the plains.

Kodaikanal is South India’s leading honeymoon destination. There’s a lot that the hill station offers – dense forests, amazing rock formation, and stunning waterfalls. The town of Kodaikanal is also a great experience where you can pick up everything from homemade chocolates, eucalyptus oil to exotic fruits and souvenirs. There are also embroidered goods, the local Kodai cheese, as well as a variety of Kashmiri handicrafts, including shawls, ceramics etc.

Due to its subtropical climate, the best time to visit is between March and May (in the summer), November and January (in the winters) and June to September (in the Monsoons)

As the region has seen many Christian influences, you might want to consider checking out the local churches. Many consider Kodaikanal as the ‘princess of hill stations due to its great climate and greenery. For both amateur and experienced trekkers, there’s a variety of routes, all filled with great vistas at every corner.

The essential Kodaikanal checklist:

On your checklist should be hotspots like the Silent Valley, the Pillar rocks, the Kodai Lake, the Green Valley View, the Bryant Park and the waterfalls of Bear Shola.

Kodai Lake

A 60 acre lake bordered by roads along the water body’s banks. While it is artificial in origin, it is still quite amazing. You can go for boats rides, or attempt activities like horse-riding and cycling on the lake banks.

Bryant and Chettiar Park

One of the most well-known parks of the region. While the Bryant Park is famous for its horticultural show (held in May) that sees enormous fruits, vegetables, and flowers, the Chettiar Park is the more serene hub of flora and natural beauty.

Cookers Walk

A walking pathway that waves around the mountain road, Cookers Walk offers you a great combination of both the plains and valleys of the region. The Cookers Walk path passes along other well-known Kodaikanal destinations like the Dolphin’s Noses, the Pambar River Valley, and the Periyakulam.

Rock formations

Three 400 feet high granite rocks that are located 8 km from Kodaikanal’s lake tower. Known as a great picnic destination, people love to come here and explore the hidden hollow chasms of the rock formations. One such mysterious spot here is the ‘Devils Kitchen’, a small chamber between the granite stones.

Dolphin Nose

A convenient 8km away from the town, the Dolphin Nose gives you great views of the terrain and the rolling hills. It is recommended for those looking to explore the forest and do trekking.

Kodaikanal Golf Club

Not many are aware of the Kodaikanal 18 hole, par 71 Golf Club. Interestingly, a lot of wildlife can be spotted on the golf course. This private membership club features facilities for recreation and entertainment, including rooms for card games, billiards, and a dining hall. Visitors can take temporary membership here.

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