Top 5 Monsoon Destinations in India:

1. Leh

Monsoon Destinations1

Leh is cut off by road from the rest of the world for most of the year, except around June to October when the snow has melted. So monsoon is the time to road-trip to Leh!


2) The Valley of Flowers National Park

valley of flowers

The Valley of Flowers National Park situated in Uttarakhand comes alive during monsoons. It’s the perfect destination for those who love hiking and exploring nature, as it requires a 15 km trek up a steep mountain trail to get there.

3. Kerala


Kerala is the ideal place to visit in the monsoons. Once there, you can be a part of the annual Splash Monsoon Carnival and also witness the Snake Boat races.

4. Goa


Goa might not seem like the regular monsoon getaway to those who love the beaches. The place, however, has a lot more to offer than just the sand. One can be a part of the vibrant monsoon festivals and fishing carnivals. And also enjoy amazing discounts from the luxury hotels as this is the off-season.

5. Meghalaya


Meghalaya is for the true monsoon lover. You cannot call yourself one if you have not been to the wettest place on earth! Enough said.

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