Room Sharing Etiquette for your next holiday

Are you headed for a destination wedding and don’t know your roommate all that well? Are you attending a family reunion and are stuck sharing your room with that cousin you haven’t seen in years? Or are you going on a girly vacation which will see 5 girls cramped into one suite?

Whichever the case may be, here are some tips on how to share a room!

Remember that you are SHARING the bathroom! Don’t get impatient while others are using the bathroom and when it’s your turn, don’t spend a lifetime pampering yourself in the shower! Of course, don’t be a slob and definitely don’t use other people’s product without prior permission!

Be Quiet at Night! Don’t be one of those impatient, restless souls making a noise, or a mess, at night! However, if someone else in your room is thoughtlessly prancing around the room at night, arm yourself with earplugs to cut out the noise. If you have an early start the next day, pack the night before! It’s the little things that count!

Mind your Phone Manners: Isn’t it irritating as hell when your roommate’s phone rings nonstop?  Or when they have lengthy conversations inside your room, distracting you from doing whatever it is you were doing? Well, don’t make the same mistake yourself! Keep your phone on silent and step out if you want to have a long conversation!

Don’t be a slob! Eating in bed, leaving your clothes and shoes lying around the room, making a mess on the bathroom floor or leaving your wet towels around the place are all gross, especially when other people are sharing your personal space. Keep it together and be considerate to others!

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