Business Travel

There are many for whom the only experience of travel is getting to their holiday destinations. That isn’t as hard as business travel. Holiday travel means simply booking tickets, coordinating your itinerary and boarding your plane.

Business travel is much more than that. You have to keep in mind juggling meetings, events and looking good for all them. At the same time, you need to be alert and efficient, and not be groggy and tired when you reach a business venue for work. Here are a few tips that will help you in a smooth business travel:

Plan your tickets carefully

This means that you need to book tickets much in advance. Booking tickets extremely close to the date of departure is expensive. While your company may take care of the cost of the seats, it can be a bit risky because you never know when the tickets will get sold out. Get your travel dates as soon as possible so that you can book the dates much in advance. This will let you plan out your cabs and other miscellaneous details. You need to be sure that when you land, you don’t have to worry about transportation, stay, or meals.

Also, keep in mind planning other details

Since hospitality providers and cab agencies will find it hard to accommodate your precise requirements in the days before and after important holidays like Christmas, you need to book everything much in advance. Based on the date and time of when you land in a specific city, you can book a cab and the nearest hotel/guest house. You can also pre-book a car much in advance, so that when you land you can pick it up at the airport.

Pack efficiently

This means packing minimal, but at the same time ensuring that a shirt, pant/skirt or suit can be worn at more than one occasion. A classic white shirt, for example, can be easily worn with jeans or formal pants. A jet black pair of jeans looks perfect with a blazer for a smart casual evening out or with a T-shirt. Since your hotel may pay for toiletries, towels, robes etc., leave them out. They just take up bulk in your bag.

Be ready for emergencies

Keep all your essential medicines with you. This includes addressing all your specific illnesses – your allergies (antihistamines), anxiety (prescription anti-anxiety medicines), and other prescribed medicines. And, since you may be travelling to another country and aren’t sure of how safe their foods are, consider avoiding milk and only drink filtered water. Carry medicines like Immodium for stomach upsets.

Carry entertainment

You don’t have to read business journals all the time! Your iPad, your Kindle, or even a book can be your best friend when you have way too much time on your hands. It could be a long flight, or a flight delay, or even an unexpectedly cancelled meeting. It’ll get your mind off work, and will keep you from fretting about catching the next bus, train, or flight.

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