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Cut off Work Email!

A study by the University of California (UCI), Irvine, and United States Army
researchers revealed that being cut off from work email significantly reduces stress and allows
employees to focus better. While we know it’s impossible to cut ourselves off from email entirely,
we should at least switch off during our vacations! Why risk spoiling our moods?

Keep it Short!

Short breaks make people happier than one long holiday, psychologists have
claimed. They have found that people who go on so-called mini getaways have more happy
memories than those who holiday for an extended period of time. According to the study for the
Holiday Inn chain, the journey should be four hours maximum, and the break should be no more
than three days.

Ease Back In!

Cindy Krischer Goodman of the Miami Herald, very keenly observed that we often
jump straight back into work right after a vacation. Give yourself time to get back to the grind. You
might want to return a day or two before you have to go to work to take care of personal stuff
before the demanding chaos of work resumes.

Divide Responsibilities!

Planning and then executing a vacation is not a small task. It’s often very
difficult to keep a track of the small details which are essential to ensure a comfortable holiday. Split
up all responsibilities, starting from planning and booking to the very end with your vacation buddies
to ensure that you don’t land up feeling like a tour guide or a personal assistant!

Set realistic expectations!

Frazzled with our daily routines, we often expect vacations to be
the cure to all our problems. We imagine them to be rejuvenating or romantic or epic bonding
moments. Usually, those expectations are not met! A successful vacation might be fun and full of
great memories but rarely are they life altering! Lower your expectations!!

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