Supplement your child’s classroom education with a fun and informative trip this summer! Educational vacations are a must to encourage a sense of discovery and adventure and to harness your child’s natural sense of curiosity!

Actual real life exploration would help your child grasp classroom matters better and be able to correlate their experiences to their textbooks.

It must be noted that there is a clear difference between academic trips and vacation. The latter involves leisure activities and experiences that are purely intended for unwinding and deriving pleasure. The former on the other hand has the unequivocal agenda of learning something new. This means that every experience is understood from an academic perspective. This means even if you’re on the beach, you would be imparting information to your child regarding the sand, the ocean, and the various natural phenomena that occur in that area!

Educational Vacations

Below are a few types of Educational Vacations Trips you can do in India:


India is an ancient country and much of its history can still be seen. Till not so long ago, each state in the country was its own individual statehood. Old palaces and forts, monuments in honour of their leaders, relics of ancient architecture are still visible in all parts of the country! Decide on any one state, preferably a place that is a part of your child’s syllabus this year and plan your itinerary to view all the relevant historical sites! Make sure you hire a good guide or have your own guide book giving you all the essential information.


The cultural variations in our country are also truly inspiring! There are various art, craft, music and dance traditions, viewable in markets, galleries and museums across regions. Exposing your child to the plethora of cultural traditions in our country would give them a real world advantage by broadening their worldview! Not only that, scientists have evaluated that kids who have been exposed to art have score better marks and have a greater sense of social responsibility!


Today children are taught a lot about natural phenomena and topography. It would be great if you could take your kids to see the Himalayas or the Aravallis where they can view the Fold Mountains or to the beach where they can witness the tide! There are deserts, forests, plateaus and a lot more on offer! Of
course, there are many wildlife reserves that will also give your child the chance to view animals that are rare to find even in zoos!

Have a look at your child’s textbook and decide where you want to take them this year! It’s totally worth it!

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