Top Summer Destination Weddings in IndiaDestination weddings are becoming exceeding popular! A destination wedding ensures that all your guests are dedicatedly present for your special moments! It allows you to create moments that are special and magical beyond words!

It is also a beautiful bonding experience for the families to be together at a picturesque as it takes them out of their comfort zone. And, foreigners are visiting India in large numbers to find beautiful locations to be the backdrop for their wedding.

Since the wedding is also a mini-vacation for everyone, it is advisable to find a scenic location with great weather and bit of adventure. Here are some great ideas for destination wedding locations that won’t let you down


Despite serving as a summer getaway for several generations, Shimla has retained its greenery and the hallmarks of British colonial legacy. You will find many heritage hotels here, designed to give you the best view possible of the valley and the Himalayas in all their glory. Guests can look forward to a visit to Naldehra, the world’s highest golf course, hikes, and horse-riding, among other adventure activities.


Ooty is a famous hill station, and it retains the British charm that was bestowed upon it when it became the summer getaway for English families.  Many heritage properties are available here and you can take some time after the wedding to explore the nearby tea plantations and take long walks.


The classic hill station experience comes alive in Nainital – stunning peaks, serene vistas, greenery in every direction and clean mountain air. This is perhaps the best setting to Nainital. This is perhaps the best setting for a wedding, and you can book properties that are palaces turned into heritage hotels here.


Nothing rivals Kashmir when it comes to natural beauty, and the region is today safe.  There are posh hotel chains everywhere, and you will find them designed to showcase Kashmir’s beauty at its finest while keeping you comfortable and safe. What better place to solemnize vows than Heaven on Earth? Srinagar is easily accessible by flight.

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