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Mana Hotels Ranakpur today announced that it has seen great success in the recently conducted leopard safari’s for its guests. With safari’s being conducted in 3 to 4 different routes/locations such as Bera, Jawai, Sena & Choda as per input from the forest rangers & the local villager’s, the sightings have become very consistent. These leopard sightings are carried out in Jeep’s which are registered with the forest department and are conducted by licensed drivers.

“The landscape of this region is primarily rocky with minimal vegetation. As a result, the sighting of the leopard when they step out of their caves is very clear,” said Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Assistant Manager at Mana Hotels Ranakpur.

leopard safari jawai
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With the drastic weather changes in Rajasthan across the different seasons, Mana Hotels Ranakpur is well equipped to make sure that the guests are comfortable on these expeditions. “During the winter months of November to February, we give each guest a blanket and a hot water bottle to keep them warm especially during the morning safari’s,” said Mr. Vikas Bhati, Assistant Manager Operations at Mana Hotels Ranakpur.

At present there are enough Jeeps to cater to the demand for these leopard safari’s. Going forward, this demand is expected to increase and the local community is excited to chip in by adding vehicles and drivers to serve the tourists. “It is heartening to see the local community step up and invest in the infrastructure needed to conduct these safari’s. From purchasing keeps to training drivers all these roles are being outsourced to the locals. We have not purchased a single Jeep thus far to ensure that the locals are able to gain from this surge in tourism in this region,” said Mr. Kishan Choudhary, Assistant Manager Operations at Mana Hotels.

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