Mana Hotels unveils renderings of the 9 luxury cottages on their Ranakpur property. The cottages are in two rows, away from the hotel block. Each cottage has two bedrooms, with the master bedroom, living room, and dining area on the ground floor and the smaller, second bedroom on the mezzanine floor. Each cottage also has its own private courtyard where one can enjoy meals, soak in the brilliant winters of Rajasthan or use it as a children’s playground.

Cottage Exterior Mana HotelRed Stone Walls of Cottage Interiors Mana HotelA closer examination of the Ranakpur resort shows the thoughtfulness that most modern organizations lack. For example, the pebbled landscaping across the resort is the result of an innovative idea to reuse stones excavated from the hotel site itself. Similarly, the red stone used on the walls inside the cottages are locally mined and have been utilized aesthetically in their unprocessed state to not only give the cottage a beautifully rustic look but also to keep the hotel’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

Some of the walls of the cottages are made of glass. The design is so ingenious that the cottages still provide complete privacy to their residents. The glass walls are erected in such a fashion that there is minimal need for artificial lighting during the day while ensuring that the cottages do not become greenhouses! Additionally, there is a quaintly patterned vinyl sheet which not only adds character to the cottages but also helps control sunlight.

Even their furniture is made of rubberwood, essentially the wasteful by-product of rubber trees once their sap has been removed. The straight-lined and gorgeously modern furniture is another example of how hard Mana Hotels has worked to ensure that every element of their hotel deserves to be talked about.

Overall, Mana @ Ranakpur is visibly an exciting mix of the modern and the traditional, with glass, steel, and local Rajasthani stones coming together seamlessly to create a paradise in small town Rajasthan.

It must be said that none of this could have been put together without the skill, knowledge, guidance, and competence of their head architect and designer, Mr. Akshat Bhatt (Architecture Discipline), and his team, along with Mr. Deepak Kumar, Mr. Linus Lopez, Mr. N.C. Gupta and Mr. Rahul Singh.

Mana @ Ranakpur is set to open its doors from 1st October ‘2011. Make your bookings now!

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