Chowki Dhaani

The concept of Chowki Dhaani is that of an urban village that brings alive the sights and sounds of Jaipur, as well as the Rajasthani spirit. In one experience that is only 3-4 hours long; tourists get a taste of the real Rajasthan. This includes village life, art, outdoor living, cultural performances, and even costumes. And this is packaged with a focus on hospitality and delighting the guests so that they want to come back year after year.

Here are some of the most memorable experiences you are going to take home after a visit to a destination that every travel magazine recommends.


You are served in one of many of the beautiful and incredibly spacious dining halls. Authentic Rajasthani cuisine is served on a leaf platter. The most highly recommended dish is the Bati eaten with Daal, pure ghee and ‘Choorma’. Open air dining is also available. Some of Rajasthan’s tastiest curries are also offered in the menu. If you are a foodie, you must definitely visit, if only to eat at Chowki Dhaani.


Several dance performances are held at Chowki Dhani. So many that you will be spoiled for choice! These include Ghoomer, Snake Dance, and Terah Taali Manjira dance. These are performed by the Kalbeliya tribe, a Rajasthani nomadic people who are known to dance to the fast music with serpent like movement and agile movement. Bhopa-Bhopi dance brings back old Rajasthani folk stories, while Ghoomer feature graceful movements by women as they dance with colourful ghagharas.

Outdoor entertainment

Other outdoor entertainment includes feats of acrobatics, a traditional Fire Act and a Puppet Show. Kids love the Fortune Teller parrot that picks cards to tell fortunes, the Magic Show and a traditional palmist. There is also a Bioscope station to get a Rajasthan on film, and depicts Rajasthan scenes and people.

Horse and elephant rides

Even if you are incredibly lazy, there is one thing that you cannot miss, and that is the rides. Here, you have camel rides, elephant rides and even a horse drawn Tonga. These take you across the entire village in style. A camel ride is the most popular way of commuting across the village, and children shriek with joy as the animal rises from its seated position. Foreign tourists also delight in experiencing elephant and Bullock Cart. There is also the boat ride of the village lake “Tal Talaiya”.


Photographers know that when there is so much to see and do, there is also much to explore. After spending an hour or two on the local sights and sounds, it is time to record them forever with beautiful photographs so you can share these memories with others. You can spectacular photos on top of an elephant, or of the colorful costumes of the dancers. there is clearly no limit to the colours that can be captured.

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