Travel AdventureHere are incredibly easy to remember tips that every traveller must pay heed to, no matter where you go!

Dress with respect to the surroundings: It is OK to be wearing a sarong and a T-shirt when you are beach-side but not when you are at a religious town. It is important to blend into the crowd, instead of standing out. Looking too much like a tourist will only work to your disadvantage.

Pack light: An advantage of packing light is that you are not unduly worried about losing too many expensive things in the case of theft. Besides, heavy bags are painful to cart around from destination to destination!

Self Defense Items can be helpful in some cities!: There are 3 things that can fit into a purse or even a pocket and can save your life.
1. Pepper Spray: the easiest way to briefly incapacitate any attacker.
2 Swiss-knife: For when you need more dire measures
3. A whistle: to immediately call attention, and also scare off people. Across the world, a whistle is common in alerting police and security.

First Aid: You do not have to carry a doctor’s kit, but they’re a few things you need to have on your person.
1. Disinfectant: A sanitizer also does the trick
2. Band-Aids: For cuts and scratches
3. Oral rehydration: In case of dehydration
4. Immodium: To fight upset stomachs!

Connectivity: You do not need to carry your iPhone. In fact, it might cost you a bit to get a local SIM card, and more to get your phone unlocked. It is better to have a basic cellphone with long battery life, unlimited minutes, and most importantly – a list of numbers you can call in case of an emergency.

Plan your arrival and departure timings for safety: Try to reach your hotel by day light. No one wants to land at night and have to haggle with taxis. But if you do end up arriving at night, book a taxi in advance. Public transport only makes sense after you have moved your precious items (including your papers, passport etc) to the hotel.

Have copies of everything: This includes your tickets, passport, hotel, train and bus tickets, ID, etc. Also, have virtual copies on your email.

Travel insurance: People are incredibly casual about travel insurance, but it is an important aspect of travelling. Your travel insurance must address medical expenses, as well as theft of valuables, and interruptions to flight plans.

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