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Ensuring guest satisfaction is an on-going challenge for Rajasthan hotels and resorts across the world. Fortunately, in India, our culture has imbibed in us a spirit of ‘Athiti Devo Bhava’ which literally translates to Guest is God! With such upbringing it is no surprise that some of the best hotels & resorts in the world are found in India.

Rajasthan hotels
Restaurant at Mana Ranakpur

However, in addition to our natural tendency to treat the guests with utmost respect and attention, some refinement might be needed in a person’s communication verbal and non-verbal. These training modules are intended to do just that without the burden of long lectures of cumbersome theoretical concepts.

F&B Service Training

  1. Before going on duty what personal Hygiene should be maintained?
    • Nail and hair should be trimmed, face should be clean shaven and no body odor should be present
  2. What should be kept in mind about your uniform when starting a shift?
    • It should be properly ironed, not torn & shoes to be polished
  3. What is the first thing you should say to the guest coming to the restaurant? 
    • Say the greeting ‘Namaste’ with folded hands and ask ‘Where they would like to sit’.
  4. How much time should you give to guest to decide the order?
    • Wait for at least 5 minutes or verbal cue or physical action from guest before approaching them.
  5. Should we place ordered food directly on the table without guest acknowledgement?  True or False
    • False!
    • Acknowledge the guest 2 steps away from the table before placing food
  6. When to approach a table towards end of the meal?
    • When there is visible confirmation that guest has concluded meal
    • When guest himself/herself indicates that he wants no further services
    • If sufficient time (more than 15 minutes) has passed without any interaction with guest
  7. What should the staff say after delivery of order?
    • Is there anything else that I can get for you?
    • Announce the name of each dish as it is placed on the table
    • Ask about refilling beverages
  8. What if a guest says that food is too spicy?
    • Apologize for the inconvenience and offer to replace the dish
  9. What if the room service order is delayed as per guest expectations?
    • Apologize and update time needed to get the order
    • Apologize and remind guest that we are trying our best
  10. What if some dish gets over before guest gets a chance to eat?
    • Apologize, and offer him another dish 
    • Apologize and check with the chef if more of the same dish can be prepared
  11. How do you respond if the guest asks for service in a venue apart from the restaurant?
    • Say yes to Guest while informing him of longer service period
  12. What do you do/say if the guest finds a bug/insect in the food?
    • Apologize and offer him a complimentary dish
    • Make the guests entire meal complimentary
  13. What do you do/say if the guest is not happy about the service?
    • Apologize and check the concerns of the guest 
    • Apologize and change the waiter 
    • Offer him free Dish 
  14. When should staff wash their hands immediately?
    • When you come from the toilet.
    • When you sneeze, blow nose, yawn, or cough covering your mouth with your hands.
    • After you touch hair, scalp, skin, or any body-opening.
  15. What are the common reasons for guest complaints in restaurants? 
    • Unfriendly staff
    • When the servers are not available to take requests and the guest has to wait for servers to return to the table
    • Food & water are not delivered on time
    • Unhygienic crockery, cutlery or table ware

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