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As we delve deeper into the nuances of F&B service and the art of truly wowing the guest, the Rajasthan resorts and their teams must strive to make every experience memorable for their guests. This could include small gestures such as a Namaste or could include a more grand setup to enthrall the guest.

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F&B Service Training

  1. What stationary items should be cleaned & checked before each shift?
    1. Menu, Bill Folder, Pens, Pencils, KOT Books or any other pad
  2. What is the most important thing to keeping in menu while presenting a menu to the guest?
    1. Hand over the menu to the guest and encourage them to place order for beverages (upselling) followed by informing them of dish of the day or buffet
  3. What tools/items should the staff with them while taking a guests order?
    1. KOT pad & pen
  4.  What should the staff do when an order is delayed? 
    1. Update guest about the delay prior to guest enquiry & apologize for the same     
  5. What should staff do before order delivery service? 
    1. Staff must review the order as per the KOT  and prepare the tray as per the order
  6. What if a guest does not like the selection of items in the buffet?
    1. Check with the guest what he did not like and change accordingly in the next meal
    1. Ask chef to prepare another dish for the guest
  7. How to handle a guest when the restaurant is fully packed?
    1. Ask guests to wait  for a few minutes 
    1. I’m afraid all the tables are already taken. I’ll let you know as soon as one is free. 
    1. If possible, offer room service/other venue to the guest 
  8. What do you do/say when guest is feeling hot in the restaurant?
    1. Would you like to move to a place/table near the AC/fan?
    1. Would you like to move to a place/table outside the restaurant in the open air?
    1. It will be cooler in a few minutes, would you like a chilled drink  
  9. What do you do/say when table order is delayed and the guest enquires about the same?
    1. Apologize and clarify that it will be about another (15) minutes for your order to get ready. 
    1. Inform the guest about the delay in food before they raise the question by saying: Your food will be ready in about (15) minutes. (Apologize if there has been a delay.) Thank you for your patience.
  10. What do you do/say if the guest finds the restaurant/table dirty?
    1. Apologize and offer him another table /area
    1. Apologize and say that our restaurant is busy and we will clean it momentarily
  11. What should the steward do when guest thinks that restaurant is hot? 
    1. Serve chilled water to the guests 
    1. Offer them a complimentary cold drink 
    1. Make guest sit near the AC or fan
  12. What should staff do when a guest brings his own alcohol into the restaurant?
    1. Ask guest for corkage charges directly 
    1. Inform guest that outside liquor is not allowed in the restaurant
    1. Suggest guest that they should purchase alcohol from the hotel
  13. How should staff present a menu to the guest?
    1. Present menu on the guest table and open the first page
    1. Present the menu to the guest and also announce the dish of the day
  14. While handling guest complaints which step should be followed by staff
    1. LISTEN
    1. Place yourself in the guests position; EMPATHIZE 
  15. What is good feedback/review collection practice?
    1. Request guest to post their honest feedback

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