A small and sleepy town in Churu, Rajgarh. Rajasthan’s hottest district is where my family hails from. As all business persons do; my paternal grandfather and his brothers left behind their century’s old family haveli or mansion in their quest for better opportunities. Sometime after the India – Pakistan partition, they set up base in Delhi (which is where my father and eventually I, were born).

Having spent most of my life hearing family fables about what seemed like a mystical place, I took a road trip to my hometown, Rajgarh. It was an odd feeling of homecoming, though I’d never been there before. Somehow (very romantically so) the people seemed like they were my own.

As I drove through the town, in search of my ancestral haveli, I spent most of my time trying conjure up images the eras gone by, my ancestors as they went about their daily routines and my grandmother whom I never met. I can safely say that my imagination did not do any justice to what I found.

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