Visit to under development Ranakpur Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan on 3-4-2023 by Mana Hotels

Mana Hotels is pleased to share the progress in the development of the Tiger Reserve in the Ranakpur region of the Kumbhalgarh National Forest reserve of Southern Rajasthan. The site of the reserve located about 6 km from the Ranakpur Jain Temple is located on the highway itself making it easily accessible to the tourists travelling between Udaipur & Jodhpur. The total area under development for this reserve is 211 hectares with a perimeter wall having a length of 6.3 km.

A recent visit to the proposed tiger reserve was conducted along with a guest who had particular interest in wildlife conservation. The guest who was visiting the reserve for the first time was pleasantly surprised to see the extent of work being done by the forest department in preparing this reserve for the arrival of larger cats & other predators. The guest was surprised to hear that the local business community has played a big role in financing many of the activities which have led to this level of development. “Many of the check dams & water reservoirs essential for the survival of the animals in the summer months have been constructed with donations from the local business community,” said Mr. Ishwar Singh, Forest Officer.

Ranakpur forest safari

With the growing popularity of leopard safari’s in this area including areas such as Jawai, Bera, Chhoda, Sena etc., the forest region of Ranakpur-Kumbhalgarh is well placed to become a major wildlife attraction in the coming years.

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