Have a Royal Wedding in Rajasthan

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life and, mostly, all of us seek to add the appropriate touch of grandeur and beauty to the occasion. It not only marks the coming together of two people in holy matrimony but also the acknowledgment of adult life and responsibilities. Rajasthan’s royal heritage and myriad options make it the ideal location for those looking for a royal wedding experience. This is what draws Indians and foreigners alike to Rajasthan year after year.

Along with its heritage, Rajasthan also offers the most beautiful experiences for sightseeing that someone attending such a wedding would enjoy – glorious forts, beautiful lakes, sand dunes, handicrafts, and festivities around the year. Wedding guests can also take off for a few hours to explore the exotic wildlife and pilgrimage centers. The land is also known for its hospitality which will make it even more appealing to the guests.

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular in Udaipur. The region has palaces that are centuries old and can be booked when you’re looking for a premium and exotic wedding venue. In fact, many such palaces earn solely from festivities and offer packages that combine meals, decor, and other facilities.

The advantage with these venues is the high quality of service which is hard to find. Once you have made the investment, it is a value for money experience for your guests. For more affordable options, you can consider venues which have a palace-like architecture but are not actually historic. These are much more economical and allow you to splurge on gala meals and basic banqueting.

You need to keep in mind that the premium historic palaces are very selective about who they cater to, so it is advisable to confirm your availability months before you even begin finalizing your wedding details. Additionally, you need to keep a cushion in your budget for accommodating other costs like floral decoration, lighting, music, entertainment, transport and more.

The advantage of staying at a premium palace is that small touches can make a big difference and you don’t need to spend much on artificial decor like lighting. Alternatively, you can work with a Wedding Planner and a set designer to create a completely innovative decor theme.

The small village of Ranakpur has also come into the limelight among wedding planners and couples for its incredible scenic beauty and tranquility. It is also easy accessible by train and road. The recently established Mana Hotel, Ranakpur, is a premium property here. It is famous for its incredibly tasteful decor, high quality facilities and great hospitality. The hotel has incorporated the region’s natural beauty into its decor scheme, so you’ll be able to savor the sight of the hills from every window! It’s yet another ideal location for your royal wedding.

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