Traveller’s Rajasthan Guide: 9 must see things

From being the cultural center of miniature painting to the home to some of India’s rarest ecology; from monuments based in legend and history to modern adventure, Rajasthan has it all. India’s biggest state is also its most complex, with a history […]

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Religious Tourism in Western India

India’s religious diversity is best experienced through religious tourism, which takes you through what may seem like countless temples, churches, tombs, and mosques. Even an encyclopedia may not be able to sum up this sheer variety of religious diversity, here […]

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Rajasthan Travel beyond the guidebook: 5 great Places for the wanderer

bullet baba temple

While travel journals provide “successful” travel ideas for Rajathan, well mapped terrains known for their colour, vitality and heritage, there is another Rajasthan, full of destinations off the radar. For those looking to walk off the beaten trail, or experience […]

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From the Kitchens of Mana Hotel: Masska Raviya

To know Gujarat is to know its rich cuisine. Despite having a wholesome supply of seafood, the cuisine is primarily Vegetarian! A unique cooking style, creative use of vegetables and a perfect fusion of sugar and spices make Gujarati food […]

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Royal weddings in Rajasthan – 4 Great venues!

destination wedding

Weddings in Rajasthan draw from the rich and royal cultural heritage of the state. The palaces in Rajasthan are an epitome of luxury thus an ideal destination for extravagant and illustrious weddings. If you have always dreamed of exchanging vows […]

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Top Indian Destinations for a Family Holiday

Family Holiday Destination A family holiday destination is one that keeps the kids excited but has something meaningful for the grownups too. It could be the holiday season or a long holiday, you’ll want to get out of your urban […]

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