Healthy on Vacation

You haven’t even embarked on your holiday and you can envision the variety of cuisines and liquor; and the decadent lifestyle. Hey, weren’t you following a strict workout and diet regimen? Will you let one holiday undo all the effort you’ve put in till now?

For most, the moment we embark on a vacation, the fitness regime is the first to go for a toss and many find it difficult to adhere to the same workout schedule after they are back from the vacation. Therefore, a good idea is to not let go of your workout routine completely while being on a holiday.

Here are a few good, easy-to-follow tips to ensure those good times do not mar your efforts of the earlier times:

1) Planning is Important

A vacation should be an opportunity to re-energize, refresh and relax and not just an excuse to steer away from the routine of good health. Do some homework before leaving for the vacation and try to opt for those locations which offer you opportunities to engage in some sort of physical activity. Plan your vacation exercise routine beforehand.

2) Holiday Exercise

Even if you do not have access to a gym while on your holiday, you should not give up working out entirely. Try exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, free squats, alternate heel touchers, bench dips, bent-knee hit raise, flutter kicks, frog sit-ups, handstand push-ups, etc. which do not require any equipment.

3) Eat Right

We understand that you’re on a holiday and you would like to savour the variety of delicacies offered to you. But don’t forget that those few moments of culinary delights might render your previous efforts null and void. Eat but don’t indulge in binge eating. Before you grab anything and everything in your range, think about the calories it contains and what it might do to your body and overall health. Also, split your meals into small portions. The idea is to indulge yet moderately.

4) Take Adequate Rest

Do not spend all day exploring the place you visit. Do not overstrain your body by pushing the limits. It’s important that you take a rest and also get proper sleep during your vacation. Foregoing rest will strain your body and you might feel fatigued towards the end of your vacation.

5) Carry Stuff for the Journey

Whether you travel by plane, train, or your own vehicle, make sure that you carry some healthy food with you so that won’t have to eat whatever is available. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast and pack easy yet satisfying snacks or small meals for the journey. You can also carry veggies and fruits with you.

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