Indian foods offer so much variety and diversity across different parts of the country that it can be a culinary delight for the foodie. We have compiled this list of 10 Indian foods which are a must try in this lifetime.

Neer Dosa & Chicken Curry (Mangalore)

indian foods neer dosa

A specialty dish from the Bunt community, this curry is also known as ‘Kori Gassi’. It has an abundance of flavor owing to the many fragrant spices that are offset by the sweetness of coconut. Served with a thin and soft steamed dosa, known as the neer dosa, it’s one hell of a dish!

Beef roast & Porotta (Kerala)


A dish that often doesn’t get the credit it deserves, the Kerala Beef Roast is a cracker of a dish. Marinated with a plethora of Indian spices, the cubed meat is packed with flavor and has thick gravy of onion and tomato. It is served with a delicious and layered bread called porotta.

Sorpotel (Goa)


This sour pork stew finds it’s origins in Portugal and is also cooked in Brazil. A true favourite, this dish is made with meat and offal, which are cooked in a spicy and vinegary sauce. It is accompanied by ‘Sanna’, a spongy white and slightly sweet steamed rice. Yum!

Rogan josh (Kashmir)


A traditional Kashmiri wazwan or feast is never complete without the (to-die-for) Rogan Josh. In fact, the name says it all! ‘Roghan’ means clarified butter or ghee and ‘josh’ means intensity or passion in Persian! It will definitely be the most scintillating lamb curry that you will ever find!

Kaali daal (Punjab)


Daals are lentins, which are a mainstay in India and an important source of protein for India’s vegetarians. But this is no ordinary daal! Made in a rich tomato based gravy that has been whisked in full cream, the kaali daal also known as daal makhani is just delicious!

Puran poli (Maharashtra)


A sweet dish that is also a main course, the puran poli is made of gram flour and jaggery. It is served with veggies, daal, rice and salad and is a favourite on the occasion of Holi, India’s spring festival. Of course, you can have it like a dessert as well with milk or ghee.

Lauki ke kofte (Rajasthan)


A little of oil and a little bit of love can help any vegetable make the Top10 list it seems! Lauki or bottle gourd is usually tasteless but when fried into little spicy balls and dunked into a divine gravy of onion and tomato, there is nothing to complain about! It goes well with both rice and bread! Visit Mana Hotels in Ranakpur to taste this Indian food.

Undhiyo (Gujarat)


Typically a winter preparation in Gujarat, Undhiyo has a variety of vegetables and spices that will leave you make you happy! Best had with fresh puris or deep fried Indian bread.

Macher jhol (Bengal)

macher jhol

A must have for fish lovers; the macher jhol is fish that has been tempered in mustard and cumin, served in a tangy tomato gravy. To be had with steamed rice it’s healthy and tasty both!

Hyderabadi dum biryani (Andhra Pradesh)

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani  Recipe Knorr India_29_3.1.16_326X580

Inspired by Mughal as well as Indian flavors, this biryani, can be made from vegetable / chicken / mutton is a complete meal in itself. Cooked with caramelized onions, saffron milk and meat or veggies marinated in yogurt, it’s a delight to the tastebuds.

The following page about Indian cuisine on Wikipedia is also a great read to learn more about this topic:

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