girl tripTravelling with your gal-pals is a blast but sometimes, trips can get complicated and even risk friendships! To prevent these totally avoidable confusions and conflicts, we suggest a little pre-vacation planning and preparation to ensure that everyone is on the same page! Here’s how!

  1. Talk! It’s important to have a detailed conversation on essentials like destination preferences, itineraries etc. You should take it for granted that the success of any holiday will be decided by whether each and every member of the gang feels like they’ve been heard!
  1. Bugdet! Everyone has different definitions of luxury and different priorities on which they like to shell out money! It may seem hard to believe but it’s likely that you and your BFF have very different approaches towards handling money! It’s best to have this discussion before you embark on your adventure!
  1. Choose your destination wisely! It’s always best to plan a place that is welcoming of groups of girls and will let you unwind and let loose as you wish!
  1. Divide the tasks! Planning vacations can be cumbersome! Comparing costs for hotels, identifying restaurants, bars or site seeing spots to visit, navigating through an unknown city, they all require effort! Divide all the jobs between the gang to lessen the burden on one person and also to ensure that everyone gets to have their say!
  1. Look for deals! Nothing sweetens a vacation more than some delicious discounts! Before you set things in stone, it only makes sense that you spend some time looking for discounts that will leave each and every one of you with more cash to shop!
  1. Have a blast! After all, it’s true that #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun!

In fact, if you think about it, the whole planning process can be a whole lot of fun and a great bonding experience as well. With a little creativity, you can organise a ‘Booking Party’ where the gang gets together to make all reservations together!

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